Upcycling Garden DIY Ideas That Are Easy


Gardens are our own personal sanctuaries that bring about an abundance of everyday joy. From offering us a peaceful retreat after a long day at work to being the perfect spot for a summer BBQ, there are lots of reasons to put effort into making the space special and welcoming, no matter the time of year.

An easy way to makeover a garden in a quick and economic way is to consider upcycling. Upcycling involves making use of pre-loved items and reinventing them with some simple decorative methods. Here are some of the best ways in which to transform a garden, and all of these ideas can be carried out with some DIY or the assistance of a handyman.

1. Wooden Palettes: Furniture, planters and more

A popular upcycling idea, wooden palettes are extremely diverse and can be used to create beautiful furniture pieces for both indoors and outdoors, planters, a decked space, bike racks, and much more. These cargo palettes can be picked up at a low price and in some cases even sourced for free. With an electric drill, some brightly colored paints and an idea in mind, the ways in which these timber pieces can be used to add to a garden area are endless.

2. Wheelbarrow Planter

Perhaps that old wheelbarrow in the garden has seen better days. Thinking of throwing it out? Don’t! Wheelbarrows, no matter how rusty make a perfect container for a planter. Adding a rustic feel to any garden or outdoor area, they can be filled with beautiful plants to gain a new use. For a more wild look consider adding ferns and green plants that overgrow from the wheelbarrow or use it to plant lots of bright flowers as a feature piece on a decked area for example.

3. Bicycle Basket Planter

Looking to add a unique charm to an outdoor space? Vintage bicycles can be picked up at a low price and can be upcycled into stunning planters! Consider giving the bicycle a fresh lick of paint in a stand-out color and overfill the front basket with some flowers. Propped up against a fence, this garden feature will certainly catch any visitor’s attention and give a new, welcomed feel to any garden.


4. Tin Can Tealight Holders

This super easy DIY upcycling idea only requires a few used food tin cans, some paint, and an electric drill. For a cozy lighting option for a summer evening, take a tin can, paint it any color with any design and drill some small holes into the side.

Not comfortable with using an electric drill? The good news is that handymen can assist with even the smallest of tasks. Using a drill can be dangerous and uncomfortable for many, ensure that help is in place if needed. If this is the case, consider Googling “handyman services near me” to see the types of assistance available in your area.

It is a great opportunity to get super creative with a theme here and even paint detail on to the cans for a more professional feel. Tin cans can also be left without paint for a more organic look, onIt’sce the decision has been made and it has the holes needed, add some tealights and enjoy the shadows and light effects with this easy feature light idea.

5. Water Features

Every garden or outdoor space can benefit from a relaxing water feature and, there are so many that can be made using DIY techniques luckily that won’t break the budget. Using repurposed items that can be easily found, there are lots of ways to add a stunning water feature with ease.

Some great ideas include the bucket and watering can featuring a simple rotational water system. A watering can and bucket are placed on steps alternatively, allowing for water to flow and adding tranquillity. For those who aren’t looking to spend money on water pumps and the such, why not add a pond? Again, simple wooden palettes can be used to build a rectangular pond suitable for containing fish and water plants.

With newly found inspiration, it’s time to transform that garden space with some easy tricks using upcycling. While most upcycling projects are easy enough to approach with a DIY attitude, make sure that any difficult projects that you might struggle with are dealt with by professionals.

There are many professionals out there that are ready to roll up their sleeves and help out in the garden with any projects, no matter the size. And the great bonus is that money can still be saved when compared to buying new garden items altogether.


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