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We’ve been in search of a stylized reversible dog harness for some time now. Particularly in this case, we were looking for the perfect harness for our Frenchie. There can be a bunch of different options, so we wanted to try out a few to see which one was the clear winner. Most dog harnesses either didn’t fit the dog right or the patterns were kind of bland. Needless to say, it has been a search. Worth it, but time consuming nonetheless. In any event, I digress..

We announce to you our clear winner. We even picked out our favorite design of theirs as well.

Beast and Buckle Reversible Dog Harness – Donuts!

While there are many reversible dog harness designs available, we have to say, this donut dog harness is by far and away our favorite.

beast and buckle reversible dog harness

From a style standpoint, we really liked the pattern. There were a few other companies doing designs like this, but we found the graphics on this one to be the best. The quality of the product is spot on – it’s clear that the stitching of the pattern had to be hand sewn, so you know you are getting a product made with love. The plastic clips were super strong and sturdy, which is different than some of the others we tried. The zinc alloy rings were nice and strong, but still lightweight. Overall, we loved the quality and the design. You can even coordinate and get the leash and collar to match, if you so desire. We ended up getting the leash and reversible dog harness combo pack. Happy with it.

If donuts aren’t your thing (shame on you!), you can check out some of their other designs in their dog harness collection.

Let us know what you think of these reversible dog harnesses!


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