Great Gifts for Young Adults Leaving Home


There comes a time when our children reach an age where they might head off to university or decide that they no longer want to live with parents and are independent enough to head out by themselves into their first home. However, starting a new home by yourself can be expensive process with lots of paperwork and bills to sort and organize and getting together the things you need to successfully live by yourself. Here are some great gift ideas to get your child off to a strong start in their new house;

Personal Mugs

We are a nation of coffee and tea drinkers and when someone comes over to visit, often the first question is “should I put the kettle on?” – which makes a set of mugs with a personal message or designs close to the receiver’s heart the perfect gift to give to someone heading out on their own.

Windowsill Planters

With many young adults moving into flats and student accommodation, they might not have a garden space to grow themselves some tasty veggies, so a windowsill planter set with options like chillies, peppers and herbs are perfect for encouraging them to eat well and add some extra flavour to their cooking in an easy way.

Formal Outfit

There are plenty of events that call for quality formal wear and a lot of young people fall down in this department when called into meetings or heading to interviews. Tailored suits make for a useful present that can be used for years if properly looked after and are available in styles to suit both men and women. As an extra gift or as an excellent graduation gift, consider a designer piece of jewellery to accompany their formal wear, like luxury cufflinks or a beautiful necklace. Not only do designer cufflinks or piece of jewellery last longer but can be considered a lovely keepsake to pass down.

Cooking Utensils and Pans

Cooking is made easier with the right equipment so a starter kit of cooking utensils with pots and pans is an ideal gift for a young adults first kitchen. While a good set will be more durable and longer lasting, they are likely to undergo a bit of misuse as cooking skills are mastered so consider a mid-price set that will offers some durability without costing a lot to replace.

Bluetooth Speakers

Good music comes from all over the world and there’s not many people that don’t like to kick back to the sound of their favourite songs. Bluetooth speakers can be picked up relatively cheaply, and some of the best models can be linked together, allowing music to be played across multiple rooms. Perfect for those late party nights or even a thorough cleaning session!

Quality Towels

There’s nothing worse than trying to dry yourself off with a cheap, nasty towel that simply spreads the moisture around rather than absorbing it. Investing in high quality towels is an important aspect of comfortable day to day life and spending a little bit more on a good towel set will save you money in the long term.

Good Toilet Roll

Get them in the habit early; cheap toilet roll doesn’t last nearly as long as the nice, two/three ply stuff. Not only is buying decent toilet roll more comfortable for use on those sensitive areas but can actually save you a lot more money than regularly buying cheaper roll.

First Aid Kit

Every home should have a basic first aid kit and medicine supply to combat headaches and other aches and pains that don’t require a doctor’s appointment. There’s nothing worse than reaching for the headache tablets while suffering from a migraine and being faced with an empty cupboard. A quality first aid kit will include as standard plasters, bandages, burn strips, eye wash and medical tape so check contents carefully.

If you are young adult or you know of a young adult that is due to leave home soon, whether heading off to university or moving into their own property, we hope the above options have inspired you with some useful gift ideas for their first home.




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