Latest Bridesmaids Dress Color Trends to Watch Out For


If you think finding the perfect wedding dress is difficult, try and place yourself in your bridesmaid’s shoes. In addition, there are so many decisions you have to consider including style, length and fabric, and finding the perfect color that will work for all your girl pals will probably be the trickiest detail. After all, every woman has her own opinion and it’s nearly impossible to please all your bridesmaids. Make sure that you have the “emergency” sweet fund for you and your girls – this is a must have in the overwhelmed moments fulfilled with the emotions.

Fortunately, here’s a list of the latest bridesmaids dress shades that will work and look gorgeous on all your bridesmaids. These colors not only compliment all hair colors and skin tones; they will also bring out the best of your bridal crew. However, before digging into the latest shades this year, it is important you know what it takes to choose the best.

Selecting Your Bridesmaids’ Dress Color

Choosing the perfect color for your bridal crew is easy to do. One of the things you need to take into consideration is the color schemes of the day and the season. For example, if the ceremony will take place in a rustic vineyard featuring burgundy décor, you can play with rich colors like emerald and marsala in the fall and winter months. Lighter shades like lavender and mint are perfect for spring and summer seasons.

However, if you are still at a loss for the best hue to choose, you should go for a general color that works well with any theme and season. For example, champagne is an elegant color. If you want to push the envelope even further, go for floral-prints, which are also hot now.

Your bridesmaid dresses should compliment your main color scheme and look great in photos. To help you get started, here are a few ideas.


Navy is the perfect color choice for bridesmaids’ dresses for weddings taking place in the wintery seasons at either end of the year. This tone definitely works great for all hair tones and skin, and is a beautiful color that will perfectly compliment dresses with embellishments like belts, beads or lace.

Dusty Rose

Dusty rose is soft pink charming hue that works well with weddings held in any season. The color is versatile enough to look wonderful as a traditional long gown or a youthful, short length. The color also radiates romance into your wedding ceremony; while similar, this color works better than blush.

Emerald Green

If you are looking to infuse elegance into your bridesmaids’ dresses, this is the color to go for. Compared to other popular pastels, emerald green is unique and polished. This jewel tone adds richness to your ceremony, adding earthy, natural colors that look exceptional at any outdoor wedding.


Similar to maroon, this deep red wine color is an instant label of love and is perfect for winter or fall weddings as it infuses romantic warmth when set against a white snowy background. This enchanting tone works wonders, complimenting any wedding theme you may have – especially a theme with metallic, because they play off the vibrant red nicely.

Light Grey

This wonderful neutral shade color always looks great on any skin tone and ideal because it allows you to infuse some vivid accent colors like soft lavender, lemon yellow and bold pink. Because of its complimentary features, a light grey tone dress works perfectly for any type of wedding held at any time of the year.


This wonderful girly color will work for your bridesmaids’ dresses this year. It is best for weddings held during late winter or autumn seasons, and perfectly complements purple flower arrangements to bring out the colors of calla lilies or orchids.



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