Fun Things to Do With Kids When You Rent an RV in Miami


Renting an RV from Outdoorsy is a lot of fun! It’s a great way to give the RV lifestyle a try before you decide to buy one, but it’s also a great way for vacationers to do something a little different than just booking a stay in a hotel. It’s even better for area residents because it can make you feel like you’re on vacation far away from home when you’re not.

Renting an RV is even more fun when you have kids because there are so many fun things to do! Here are just a few.

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Explore the Everglades

There’s no other national park like the Everglades in the United States, and even in the world. It is the largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S. and you can see animals like the manatee, the American crocodile, and the Florida panther that you won’t find anywhere else. Staying at the Miami Everglades RV resort means being less than 10 miles away.

Explore a kayak trail, take a guided tour, or take it easy and plan a simple picnic. There’s so much to do in the Everglades!

Go Swimming

There’s just something about going swimming that kids love. Because Miami is so close to the coast, it isn’t hard to find an RV park that allows you to stay near the ocean.

If you’re looking for a slightly different swimming experience, see if you can find an RV park with a pool. Some even have hot tubs that are perfect for parents who want to relax a little bit while they’re away from home.

Play a Game

There are so many great games you can play when you take an RV trip! Try:

  • Bringing some sidewalk chalk and playing a game of hopscotch.
  • Playing shadow tag where you have to tag shadows with your feet instead of tagging each other by hand.
  • Playing freeze dance. Anyone caught moving after the music stops is out.

Bringing your own game ideas is a great way to make sure everyone stays busy and has fun, but many RV parks make it even easier. Look for a park that features outdoor game areas like basketball, volleyball, miniature golf, or horseshoes.

Stay up Late

It’s true that kids can stay up late any time you allow it, but there’s just something special about staying up late and then spending the night in an RV.

Make the experience even more fun by planning a night nature walk or toss a light-up Frisbee. Then, break out the chocolate bars and marshmallows and make some smores over the fire. If the kids are old enough, you can even tell scary stories to make this late night unforgettable.

Sometimes, just the new experience of staying in an RV is enough to ensure all the kids have fun! But with these ideas, you can make sure they stay busy as well. Your family will have so much fun that you’ll be counting down the days until you can rent your next RV!


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