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Does ANYONE have enough space inside their home? It depends on whom you ask. Single people probably have more space than they need, especially if they’re living in a cheaper rental area. But once you move into the big cities, or find a young couple with a kid or two, home storage ideas are worth their weight in gold. These ideas below are ideal for any small home or garage, and they’ve been tested and reviewed by PLENTY of people who own them. Or, if you’d rather, here’s our General Home Storage Ideas post where we highlight our favorites from every category!

  1. The Mesh Storage Nest by Design Ideas

Home storage ideas

This storage basket is well made and a very good quality. Roughly 6 inches square and 5 inches high. Smooth, rounded corners and sturdy. Looks very nice in the living room and is a great little basket for odds and ends, or any other room in need of organizing. You could also use these storage baskets for your pantry and they fit that cause perfectly. Store all your snacks or food items in bags, (like pretzels or chips) in one, and all your baking stuff in another, or use it for smaller tupperware and lids. These are pretty sturdy and I really like that they are mesh on the bottom, so gunk doesn’t get built up inside. You can also see what you have in them which is great. Very nicely put together. The Storage Nests are made from Stainless Steel wire, so they are sure not to rust and will become a staple item in your home. All in all these mesh baskets are wonderful. They are light weight, sturdy and they will hold up well.

2. 2 Tier Silver Mesh Cabinet Baskets by Design Ideas

Design Ideas has another great home storage solution for you. These 2 tier silver mesh cabinet baskets will clean up your cabinet clutter once and for all. This compact and sleek cupboard organiser is so handy. It will double your storage space in tight places, and will make all items easily accessible. The mesh containers are very sturdy and hold tons of stuff. The mesh itself is fine enough that most things won’t fall through it, which is a problem on some of the shelf units on the market, that are just metal grids. The drawers slide in and out easily so you can access all your sauces and spices. You can either screw them in place meaning you won’t need to support the weight of it while sliding out the drawers with heavy items, or if you don’t want to permanently fix it to your cabinet, just let them sit on their rubber feet. If you’re looking to organize the space under the bathroom sink you will be very pleased. After setting up these beauties it will be so easy to actually get to the bandaids, essential oil, mouthwash, hairdryer or whatever else you put in there. This is one of those great home storage ideas that will make organizing things so much easier. If you are looking for a sturdy rack and you are short on counter space this will work well.

3. Home Complete Vacuum Storage Bags

Give yourself more Storage space without adding on to your house or buying extra furniture with a set of 20 vacuum storage bags from Home Complete. These space-saving bags are awesome for storing your bags, blankets, sweaters, clothes, big towels, and more. The types of storage that you can use these bags for is very versatile. They can be used to pack for moving and it will be an awesome space saver for your family. They will definitely make moving way easier, especially for the pillows and duvet.You can also rotate your wardrobe by putting the clothes you don’t wear in the bags. One thing to have in mind is, don’t overfill the bags and they will work great. The most important part is that these bags stay air tight and come in a nice variety of sizes. Everything you’ve sealed will stay sealed. You will really like how you twist on the bag caps unlike other types that you push on. The package contains jumbo, XL, L, and medium sized bags and the hand pump that sucks the air out of the bags works great. The price and quality is perfect.

4.Vktech Wall Organizer

Home storage ideas

Sometimes you don’t realize how items tend to build up on a wall or in a corner until the clutter gets so huge and you realize you need to organize it somehow. This is where the Vktech Wall Organizer will come in extra handy. It is an extremely functional, wall mounted space-saver with 5 position holders that will help you unclutter different areas of your home. This 17.2 inches long wall organizer will hold your cleaning tools, hardware tools, sports equipment and kitchen utensils. Great way to organize brooms, mops and other things. Especially in apartments or condos. Comes with extra rubber grips if handles don’t fit with the ones already attached. The organizer is super easy to instal and holds items just right and out of the way.

5. Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers

Home storage ideas

These Home-it Adjustable Bed Risers will blow your mind. What a great and simple way to make a short bed appear and feel tall. They will add tons of storage space under your bed as well. You don’t have to worry about them being durable enough to withstand your weight since they will safely support a total of up to 1, 300 pounds without scratching or denting your hardwood floors. These things are heavy duty and extremely stable. The riser set comes with 8 pieces. 4 are 5 inches and 4 are 3 inches. You can stack them for an 8 inch lift if that’s what you want, or use them separately. They come with a great price for the three different heights! Setup is fairly easy, you just go one corner at a time and you’re all set. If you need to move the bed I’d suggest taking it off, move the risers then putting it back on. These risers really are wonderful, and the best part is they don’t stick out so there are no stubbed toes in the night. If you ever have to move, you can easily repurpose them because of the varying height they can provide. If you need that extra storage space, these are lifesavers!

6. Square Storage Cube Fabric Basket by Squared Home Solutions

home storage ideas

The Square Cube Fabric Basket is well made with strong fabric and a cardboard fabric covered bottom for support and structure. The basket is not flimsy at all, and will hold up to whatever you store in the cubes. A lot of the similar storage bins have a very thin bottom and don’t tend to last long. This one is durable all the way around. It’s much taller than other similar items and the handle is well sewn on. It is a very sturdy product, although hardly weighs anything. It’s a good size as well, you can put a lot into this 11x11x11 cube! They also come in a good number of extremely bright and cheerful colors. They are so attractive and so easy to use. Plus they lend sort of a casual look and feel to the space that cabinets or other storage options lack. They make storage chic and effortless. The best part is that the Cube baskets fold up into a simple flat thin square that takes up practically no room at all when not in use.

So many amazing home storage ideas in one place! If you’re still looking for that perfect birthday gift for your loved ones, one of these storage solutions might be the winner, since it will make their homes organized and their lives easier!

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