Top 3 Clear Corner Guards for 2017


Are those pesky sharp corners giving trouble to your toddler. Maybe you’ve hit your head one too many times on the corner of the overhead counter yourself? If you’ve just sat online trying to find a great solution to protect ALL risky corners in your house – you’ve come to the right place.

About Clear Corner Guards

You might have heard of clear corner guards, maybe even your friends use them. Now it’s time to try them out yourself. They are basically made out of soft, flexible pvc plastic that is clear and “hugs” the edges of your furniture. 3M adhesive tape is used to position the guards on your furniture.

They will give you and the people in your home a piece of mind. Most moms say “Better this than stiches,” and they’re absolutely right. These clear corner guards can be used to protect:

  • Coffee tables, dining table, desks, nightstands, countertops, chests, fish tanks, cabinets, shelves, stairs, hearths, and anything else with corners;
  • Furniture and walls, if you’re moving to a new home;
  • Your toddler and yourself. NO more worrying about sharp edges and possible injuries;
  • Your pets can run around without you fearing they’ll hurt themselves.

Searching for Quality

With so many different kinds of clear corner guards, it is impossible to know what good value is. It’s also very hard to differentiate between good quality and throwing your money down the drain. You would have to spend hours online reading reviews and customer’s satisfaction experiences.

To save you time and money, we did an in-depth research for you Our team spent the last 2 weeks learning everything there is to know about Corner protectors. In our article, you’ll discover what the 3 most popular Corner Guards are, and how to choose quality over low value.

Without futher ado, here are our clear corner guard favorites!

#1 EliteBaby Clear Table Corner Guards, 12 pack

clear corner guards

The EliteBaby Corner Guards come as a set of 12 plus 36 3M adhesive tape. The tape is industrial strength, so you won’t have to worry if it will stick. This is the biggest problem other guards have. They come with a regular strength 3M tape, and fall off very easy. Not with EliteBaby.

Once you place it on your table with the double-sided tape, EliteBaby stays on. This is why we put these corner guards at the top of our list. They promise great quality, and they deliver, according to many happy parents and pet owners.

What you get:

a) 12 corner guards

b) 36 pieces of industrial-strength, double-sided tape

The good and the bad

The reviews concerning this product are positive to say the least. People love this product as they state on review sites:

“These are neither ugly nor obtrusive and are practically invisible on my white office furniture. I recommend highly.”

“They are nice and thick and your child will absolutely get the cushioning they need.”

“Unlike most corner protectors, these are neither ugly nor obtrusive and are practically invisible on my white office furniture. I recommend highly.”

Some of the negative reviews deal with children pulling them off after a few days:

“My 8 month old pulled them off in just a few seconds”


At $10 for a pack of 12, The EliteBaby Corner Guards are definitely a favorite among parents. They are completely unobtrusive and do the job perfectly. Price for this item is quite small compared the benefits that it brings. A must have for parents. In the end the sole purpose of this product is to protect your little ones from injury.

Check them our here.


#2 Mekudos Corner Guards – 8 Pack – Baby Proofing Clear Table Protectors

The Mekudos Corner Guards come as a set of 8, and unlike EliteBaby, they have a rigid predefined shape that will not work on all corners. They cover a good amount of corner and have a space between inner and outer sides, creating air pocket type cushion.

At first they might appear a bit big and bulky, but having safety in mind, it shouldn’t be such a big deal. They are clear as well, so it won’t be a problem to match them with your furniture.

What you get

  1. 8 corner guards
  2. 8 pieces of 3M adhesive + bonus of 8 more for a TOTTAL of 16 adhesives

The good and the bad

The Mekudos Corner Guards come at a substantially higher price than EliteBaby’s. At the moment you can get them for $12 on Amazon, which is $2 more than EliteBaby, but you get less guards. 8 Mekudos guards compared with 12 EliteBaby guards. So in reality, to get to the even amount of guards between these two, you’d have to pay $18 for the Mekudos ones.

Here’s what people are saying about this product:

“Finally, something that my 1.5-years old son cannot remove”

“An absolute necessity if you have toddlers or littler ones learning to walk”

“They are not sticking to my metal filing cabinet or my desk (which is glass).”


Mekudos Corner Guards will definitely get the job done. It will protect your little ones from nasty injuries, and give you a piece of mind. The only thing we didn’t like was the price. We thought it’s a bit steep, compared to the other items on our list.

#3 The Hamptons Baby Caring Corners 8-pack

The Hamptons Baby Corners come as a set of eight and can be used on most kitchen counters as long as they have very little texture, desks, coffee tables and metal appliances.

Unlike the Mekudos and EliteBaby Corner Guards, the Hamptons come with factory applied adhesive. All you have to do is remove the backing and stick your Guard on. Some people like this feature, other do not. It definitely helps with easier installation, but it can be unpractical especially if you wish to reuse your Guards. Some people have also complained the adhesive is not strong enough.

What you get

  1. A package of 8 clear corner guards with pre-applied factory adhesive

The good and the bad

Going through all the customer reviews, we noticed a lot of flaws when using the Hamptons baby Corner Guards. Some people are happy with their look, but when it comes to the big test they seem to fail. Most of the positive reviews deal with the softness they provide:

“They definitely do a great job of providing a soft corner”

But the bad definitely outweighs the good:

“Not a good choice of adhesive and a choking hazard for kids”

“My 9 month old pulled on it… it popped right off and she started chewing on it.”

“It’s been three days, and they are already starting to come off”

“When baby decides to chew on the rubber, the adhesive doesn’t work and is a HUGE choke hazard”


At the current price of $13.99, the Hamptons Corner Guards seem to be more of a choking hazard, than a good product. This is exactly why this product found its place at the bottom of our list. It’s the most expensive and least favored out of the three. So if you want good quality go for the Mekudos. If you’re looking for a great value and price, definitely go with the EliteBaby.


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