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When you are a parent, especially to a little baby or a toddler, time means everything. Finding things that will save your time and make your life easier becomes something you deal with every day. Sure, having people around can be very helpful too, but unfortunately this isn’t always possible. Enter, the toddler carrier.

Luckily, raising a child today is much easier than when we were kids, and our parents could not enjoy the many perks we can today. One of these useful products is a baby or a toddler carrier. Here you will find out what are the benefits of having one, and then we will present you our top choices available on the market.

What are the benefits of having a baby or a toddler carrier?

They are safe

Instead of running loose in unfamiliar, crowded places, a child in a baby carrier is held safe and secure right next to your body. They feel more confident knowing that you are right there, close to them, and that kind of both phisical and emotional support is very important.

Babies Worn in a Carrier are Happier

Many recent studies have shown that the more babies are held, the less they cry. Babies who don`t need to spend their energy on crying are calmly observing and actively learning about their environment. Also, walking around with a carrier can help your tired baby fall asleep faster.

Toddler Carriers are Good for Your Health

If you carry your child around with you most of the day or go for walk with your baby in her carrier, you will enjoy the dual benefits of walking and “weightlifting”. And we all know that moms don`t have so much time to exercise.

The Communication

When we hold our baby close in a carrier, we become fully aware of her gestures and facial expressions. This gives us confidence, and the more confident we are, the more we can relax and enjoy our children and time spent with them.

It`s Fun and Everyone Can Use It

Toddler carriers are not made just for parents- they can be used by babysitters, grandparents and all other caregivers. This is a great way of bonding with your baby, but it also allows you to observe her reactions to the wonders of the world around her. It’s also fun for baby, because when she is up at eye level, other people around her notice and interact with her more.

And when you finally decide to buy a toddler carrier, these are the things to look for.

Good size

Toddler carriers mostly come in different sizes, so it is important to choose the right for your, considering your shoulder width, bust, and length of torso.

Adjustable sling

Check if the sling can be tighten or loosen up enough: this is important because as the baby develops, you will need to change the position of the sling. Some features of a toddler carrier may include giving you the option to carry your toddler on your back, front, or in the hip carry position that toddlers enjoy.

The Fabric and the Padding

It is important to choose a natural material, possibly organic cotton since it is much better for the baby`s skin. It is perfect if it includes the padding, this way it will be more comfortable for both you and the child.


Based on all the facts we have mentioned above, we made a selection of the best toddler carriers currently available. This will help you choose the right one for you.


veenev Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers 


This carrier is made of 100% Cotton and all fabrics and materials are good to your baby’s delicate skin and completely harmless to taste or chew. The carrier has been certified by SGS and meets both European and American safety standards. It offers 3 ways to carry your baby: Facing in position: which encourages bonding and allows you to monitor his or her breathing. Backpack Position: great for exploring the world. Sling Position: perfect for nursing.


Pros: Easy to use, very comfortable, good quality fabric.

Cons: Not the greatest fit.

Check out the Ergonomic Baby Carrier for Infants and Toddlers here.


Yokohama Hip Seat Baby Carrier


Yokohama Hip Seat baby carrier is made of high-end organic cotton material for the most luxurious feelings against baby’s skin. Soft head cover enables protection for your baby from sunlight, strong wind or insects. Advanced lumbar support and super shoulder strap padding makes it very ergonomic and comfortable to wear. It is very light weighted and completely handmade.


Pros: Comfortable, good quality fabric, very useful.

Cons: The padding is not the best.

Check out the Yokohama Hip Seat Baby Carrier here.


Bonding Hipseat Baby & Toddler Carrier


This toddler carrier is made of 100% Cotton. It is BPA, phalate and latex free. High quality mesh fabric provides cooling and ventilation during hot summer days. Safety buckle straps prevent straps from accidental detachment. It offers 4 different positions: Front inwards, front outwards, backpack and hip carry. It is suitable from 4 to 36 months and from 8 to 40 lbs.


Pros: Good quality and chemicals free material, adjustable straps, easy to use and clean.

Cons: Not the greatest fit.

Check out the Bonding Hipseat Baby &Toddler Carrier here.


Deluxe Red Baby Toddler Backpack Cross Country Carrier


This toddler carrier is made of strong but lightweight metal frame and 600d oxford cloth, it can withstand the elements and daily use. With multiple pockets, thick padded shoulder pads, padded waist strap, and two side water bottle holders it is perfect for long walks.

It features an easy adjustment system to provide a comfortable fit for you and your child. Ideal for children from 6 months up to 4 years – max weight: 40 pounds.



Pros: Great for outdoors, comfortable and light weighted.

Cons: Not the best fabric quality.

Check out the Deluxe Red Baby Toddler Backpack Cross Country Carrier here.

Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier 


Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier is made of strong but light weighted aluminum frame which provides safety and comfort. It has multiple pockets, thick padded shoulder pads, padded waist strap, and two side water bottle holders. Padded straps and hip belt with energy-absorbing lumbar padding will keep you cool, comfortable, and secure. The sun/rain canopy can be easily removed at anytime. It is perfect for children between 6 months-4 years old.


Pros: Innovative, comfortable, safe.

Cons: The straps aren`t the best quality.

Check out the Baby Back Pack Cross Country Carrier here.


When choosing the right toddler carrier for you, make sure you keep the above in mind – your child will be happy you did!


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