Safety 1st Alpha Elite 65 Convertible Car Seat For Children Review


If you are already a parent, the importance of having a car seat must be familiar to you. It is one of the first things on a shopping list for every new parent, and it is as important as it sounds. You need it to make your life easier, and to keep your baby safe while traveling. So, before buying a lot of cute clothes, dreamy bassinets and cribs, make sure to find a good quality convertible car seat for you baby.

Most parents today are lucky enough to own a car, meaning they have to find a way to secure their newborn or a toddler while driving. Car seats for children are a fantastic way to make your child safe, comfortable and, hopefully, calm during the drive. It is a must have thing if you are on of these parents who drive or travel a lot. Recently, it is mandatory, according to federal law, that children up to 60 pounds who travel in car with their parents should be protected in a special baby car seat. One of the good advices is that you should buy and install the car seat before the due date of the mom so that you can make sure it fits properly, and that is it is safe and convenient enough for the baby. There are many different types of car seats available to buy right now. If this is your first purchase, take a look at some of our advices we chose for you based on other parent`s reviews and experiences on car seats. This could be informative and useful for you:

  1. Convertible car seats save money: Newborns can sit in two kinds of car seats: a rear-facing infant seat, or a convertible seat (which faces the rear of the car at first, and later is turned toward the front). The convertible car seat is a much better option because it lasts through toddlerhood, and it’s completely sound in terms of safety. So, always choose the car seat that offers these options.


  1. Safety standards: Make sure that the car seat you are looking to buy meets all applicable Federal Safety Standards and also Side Impact Test Standard for Structural Integrity. Again, you can never be too safe when it comes to your loved ones. Especially babies!


  1. Look for adjustable straps: Check to see if straps of the car seat you’re buying will be easy to adjust as your baby grows. Ideally, you want straps that will not have to be rethreaded. Many brands now have adjustment handles in the back of the seat, or a pull cord between baby’s legs, that make rethreading a thing of the past.


  1. 5-point harness is a must: No matter if you’re purchasing an infant car seat or a convertible car seat, look for a model that has a 5-point harness ( that means: two shoulder straps, two waist straps, and one strap between the legs that meet in the middle), side-impact protection (extra foam or air pads at the side of baby’s head), and compatibility with the LATCH system (a way to fasten the base tightly without using seatbelts).

So, let`s find a bit more about one of the best car seats available to buy online:


The Safety 1st Alpha Elite 65 convertible car seat will make your life simpler and your baby happy and safe. This car seat is made of great material and it is extra padded so it will be very comfortable for you little one. The pivoting and rotating armrests provide extra comfort as well.

This car seat also has a side impact protection, a 3-position recline that adjusts with one hand, removable infant head support, pillow and EPP energy absorbing foam: with all these additional features you can tell that Alpha Elite 65 is exceptionally safe and meets and exceeds Federal Safety Standards.

Also, with a harness rated to 65 pounds, the Alpha Elite Convertible Car Seat is helping parents keep their children safely in harnesses longer.

This car seat is not just a simple car seat: it offers many convenience features. It includes 3 modes of use which you can change by you wish:

  • Rear-facing seat: Available for kids with weight from 5 to 35 pounds. This position is very comfortable for the kids since this way that are able to look through the car windows. But, more importantly, also the safest position in the car. Research has shown rear facing to be 500% safer up to two years of age.  So, keep your child rear facing for as long as possible which is until limit of seat is reached by either height or weight.


  • Forward-facing seat: The Alpha Elite 65 lets your child stay safer in 5-point harnessed car seat – the acceptable weight of the kids can be from 22 to 50 pounds.
  • Booster Mode: For kids whose weight is from 40 to 100 pounds, this mode gives bigger kids the extra height they need for vehicle seat belts to be positioned correctly.


This car seat will be amazing option for longer travels or just driving from one spot to another. You can be sure that the straps on it are very strong but also not too tight, and that your little one will enjoy every single ride since the seat itself is very comfortable. The installation is easy and the price of this seat is very affordable, especially because you all of your kids will be able to use it for a certain period of time.



Pros and Cons:




  • This seat is exceptionally safe
  • Very comfortable for the child: it has removable infant head support, soft pillow and rotating armrests
  • This seat has more padding than the others on the market
  • The material of the seat is nice and easy to clean
  • The installation is easy and the seat doesn`t move once it`s installed properly
  • The harness setup is easy to adjust and change
  • It is very convertible
  • The color of the seat is amazing




  • It could be too big to fit in some cars
  • The LATCH system is not the best
  • Difficult to install for rear facing babies

So if you’re ready to buy a convertible car seat, and save yourself some money while keeping your little one as safe as possible, head over to Amazon and check this one out!


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