Maintaining the Septic System on Your Piece of Real Estate


As the homeowner, there are many ways that you can keep up the maintenance on your property’s septic system regularly. You may think that there is nothing that you can do without a professional’s help, and this is true to some degree. But, by continuously doing what you can every few months, you can save yourself a ton of hard earned dollars over time as you personally take the initiative by doing your part to keep the septic system on your property operating effectively.

       First of all, every home owner should at least have basic knowledge of theirs. What is meant by basic knowledge is simply being able to do things such as locate exactly where your septic system is on your property, and being able to properly determine when maintenance may be needed. You do not have to be an expert to notice the signs, and to know when it is time to call the professionals for help.

   The two main parts of most septic systems are the tank and the drainage. The septic tank is where the solid waste is broken down and stored. They can be easily located on your property by scanning the area and finding the white pipes that are coming up out of the ground. The size of your family will determine just how often you will have to empty out the tank. But, normally, these tanks need to be cleared every three to five years.

   To maintain your septic tank, experts say that you should treat yours a few times every year, maybe every three to four months. The way that you do this is by purchasing an enzyme treatment. Rid X is one of the most popular ones out there, and is used by many homeowners just like you across the U.S. This kind and many others can be purchased at just about any hardware store. If you are not sure about what you are looking for, an associate at the store will be more than happy to assist you in buying the correct treatment.

   One of the most important things that homeowners should know about their system is that any solids that go into it have to be pumped out. That being said, anything other than normal human waste is not supposed to go into the tank. But, if you have kids, you know that there will always be a chance that something other than that could possibly make its way down the toilet! If you suspect that this is what has happened in your home, it would be in your best interest to contact the pros to fix that type of problem.

   Using toilet tissue that is specifically designed to go down into septic systems is a great way to reduce the need for professional septic tank services. Toilet paper that is made from recycled materials, for example, is recommended.  Charmin Ultra (a tissue made by Proctor & Gamble) is a great one to use. Cottonelle is also recommended because of its softness, and is easily flushed. Anything that is not actually toilet paper should not be flushed down the toilet. It may seem to go down easily, but you could be creating problems up ahead.

   For example, many people may run out of toilet paper and use something else instead in the moment, paper towels maybe. Then without thinking, they simply flush them down like they would the tissue. Many times, the paper towel is not even soft enough to make it all the way down after the first flush. This should be a blatant sign to not flush it, but what does the person do? Yep, you got it. They will wait until the toilet fills, then try to flush it again.

   The second part of your system that may require service handles the fluid waste. As all the waste passes through the tank, liquids are separated from the solids. They will end up in what is called the distribution box. On the top of the distribution box pipe there is a cap that can be taken off. This is how you can check to see if there are any standing fluids. In the event that you do notice some, your next step should be to call a professional septic repair contractor to come out to your house and see why.


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