How Water is Wasted Daily at Hotels and Resorts


 One way that water is wasted every day is by the use of it in your hotel or resort guest rooms. Yes, there are ways that you can reduce water waste by installing things such as low-flow toilets and water-efficient showerheads, but it still will go down the drain of the bathroom tub, the sink, and the toilet. Some of the rooms also have kitchens in them, so the sink there will also have lots of water being used. All of this water goes directly into the sewer to never be used again, which is a huge waste.

   Another place where lodging facilities lose lots of extra water annually are the ice machines. Ice machines that are air-cooled are many times more efficient than the ones that are cooled by water, plus the water-cooled machines use way more water than is necessary to make ice. Non-sustainable ice machines are a huge reason why hotel managers and owners are looking for a better overall water-conserving solutions.

   The laundry is another location where thousands of gallons of water are used and wasted every day. Not only do the housekeepers at your facility work consistently to keep items such as towels and sheets clean in their work areas, but there are also washing machines located at in-resort laundromats for your guests to use. Although implementing a linen and/or towel reuse program is a great start to conserving water, it is just that, a start. Owners and managers at these facilities will continue to see high water bills and precious water that is re-usable go down the drain if they don’t make the much needed changes at their hotel or resort.

   For example, if there is a busy restaurant on the property, there will be lots of water wasted in those work areas as well. Whether it is because of the steamers or broilers that are used to cook food, or if it is due to the cleaning efforts of your kitchen staff via large sinks or outside hoses for garbage areas, losing water is almost inevitable during their work shifts. The water from the kitchen areas should instead be draining into a water recycling system at your property.

   The pool at your hotel or resort is also one of the largest water-consuming features. If you have more than one of them for guests to enjoy swimming in, then even more maintenance is needed for the upkeep of your pools. The way pools lose excess water is by draining them for various purposes, natural evaporation, and because of leaks in the structure. Getting leaks fixed (not only at the pools but in the entire plumbing system) will save thousands of gallons of water annually. To stay on top of possible maintenance problems like leaks, hotel owners and managers should pay close attention to leak notification alerts and constantly coordinate with the supervisors in their maintenance departments.

   Even with making these extra efforts to conserve water at their establishments, it is still not enough. The best way to transform your entire lodging facility into a water-saving haven is by investing in a water recycling system. Not only will you save thousands of gallons of water every year, you will also save thousands of dollars annually. There are many resorts and hotels in and out of the United States who have utilized these systems for years, especially if they are in areas of the world where water is scarce. Let’s take a look at some of these facilities, and also some data that reflects how hotel and resort guests today feel about staying at a place that keeps the Earth’s resources in mind.


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