Choosing A Good Contractor To Paint Your Home


  Finding a great painting contractor in your city is not so hard if you take the right steps. Do you remember when you were on your last job interview? Whether it was a long time ago or not, there are a few things that you will do that are similar to back then when picking the right person to paint your home. There are always certain questions that you should ask them that will give you great peace of mind. That being said, here are a few.

       First, ask them how long have they been in the business. When you ask them this, be sure that it is face to face. In the age we live in, it is hard to tell who is lying or not, but when a person looks you in the eye (just like on your job interview) you can usually tell if they are fibbing. On top of that, if they say that they have years of experience, ask them to prove it. They must have some sort of portfolio of work and/or good references that you can call.

   The next thing you should ask is if they are insured or not. When making this inquiry, you should ask for physical proof as well. Don’t be shy about asking these questions – be straight forward and serious. This is your home you are talking about. It is important that you find out if they have insurance because anything can happen. If they damage your home while they are working, it could be stressful if they aren’t insured. Plus if they hurt themselves while doing a job for you, that is not a situation that you want to happen without them having proper insurance.

   You can also ask your painting contractor if they are a part of any national painter’s organizations. These associations are well respected in the U.S. and may be all the painter needs as references. Usually just to be accepted into these organizations they have to be an outstanding painter, because these groups only want the best in their midst. Another thing to remember to ask them on the interview is how exactly it is that they work. Do they do the work themselves or do they have group of helpers that come with them to each job? If so, it would be smart to check and see if the other helpers will be insured as well. It would also be good at this point to see if the extra people on the painter’s team will mean that the job will cost more in the end.

   It is good to get all of these types of probing questions out of the way in the beginning. That way you can get to focusing on the fun stuff, like the best color to paint your house. Your goal as the hiring homeowner is to pick person that is on the same page with you, and also someone who you feel comfortable around. First impressions mean a lot, and after a few interviews you’ll start to slowly visualize exactly the type of person you want working in and around your home.

   That being said, ask your private contractor to do a criminal background check. If they are going to be working in your home when you are not there, this should be mandatory. The last thing you want to do is leave a stranger in your house who is expected to be doing a painting job for you, then end up doing a robbery job instead! If you are a good judge of character, you probably won’t have this problem and everything will be fine. But, if the painter is acting weird in that first interview, or takes offense to obtaining a quick criminal background check for you, then you will probably be better off hiring a different painter.

   Lastly, feel free to ask your hired painting contractor what type of paint it is they normally use. If you had a specific kind in mind, now would be the time to let them know. Ask them will they be rolling or spraying, and tell them to use floor covering. Too many painters don’t do this, and end up splashing paint all over the place. If it’s an outside job, you don’t want paint to end up all over your walkway or front entrance; it may be hard to remove.



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