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No Man`s Sky was published and developed by the Indie studio Hello Games. The game was designed for both the Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. The game involves adventure, action, trading, exploration and survival. A player needs to survive in hostile planets that he/she discovers. A character is allowed to move freely around 18, 446,744,073,709,551,616 planets without using a particular path. While playing the online mode, anything new that a character discovers is uploaded in the Atlas.

A player begins the game by repairing a damaged ship using a gun-like tool. They also use the device (gun-like tool) to extract iron for the spare parts needed for repairing the damaged ship. Extracting too much iron and gold from one planet attracts the attention of patrolling robotic sentinels that will attempt to kill the player.

1. What makes No Man`s Sky unique?

No Man`s Sky is unique because a player creates his route to different planets offering a range of adventures. Elements collected during the game cannot be used to make a temporal dwelling place on the moon or any other planet. Instead, it is used to strengthen the pilot`s gear. Character`s growth and strength give the player a sense of accomplishment. When a character grows stronger, a player finds it easy to fight off aggressive Sentinel drone or mine for gold.

Improving the ship`s shields can help it against enemy ships during dogfights over desolated planet. A player can also name new plants or animals discovered. Player’s ability to adventure and explore new worlds is limited to the jump engines of the current ship and how much fuel the ship can carry. A player can team up with a fleet to help fight off their rivals and in return, the fleet can return the favor by helping the player in future battles.

2. What happens if the character dies during a mission?

In No Man`s Sky, a character can die due to a wide variety of reasons. One of the main reasons include dogfights in space with other aliens and robotic sentinels. A character can also die due to less oxygen in some planets, attacks from sentinel robots or any other dangerous life forms. If a character dies, they reappear near the spacecraft, in cases where the player dies on the planet surface. If the character dies in space combat, they reappear at a nearby spaceport. When a player dies in either situation, they lose all resources collected and all information that is not saved in the atlas, only retaining the plot gear.


No Man`s Sky is an addictive game with long hours of play. Hello Games have tried to make the game enjoyable making it possible to interact with alien races while searching for monoliths. No man`s Sky is a game with lots of experiences; that will take a long duration to complete entirely. This game encourages the player to create their story with more fun rather than following a defined storyline. One mistake can lead to loss of everything since every defeat and win has a lasting impact. Every step is crucial.

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