Why Your Party Needs a Balcony and/or Roof Space



   Why Your Party Needs a Balcony and/or Roof Space

   By Limus Woods

   In order to understand this, you have to imagine that you are already at the party, and it is packed with friends and family. They are already having a great time mingling and dancing, and everything is going as planned. But, your friends and family keep leaving your party for some reason, and the room seems as if it is not as packed as it should be at all times. There may be lots of reasons they continuously exit the scene (going to their cars to grab items, stepping out to talk on the phone for a few minutes, etc.), but one of them you can remedy right now by planning to have a balcony or roof space at your function.

   The reason that these two locations are so very important is simple…many of your guests smoke. When they are already in the mix of the affair, no one wants to go away from the crowd to, say, the main lobby, just to have a cigarette. Although smoking is not a necessity for many people on a daily basis, many people smoke a lot more when they drink. That being said, nine times out of ten there will be alcoholic beverages served at your party, wedding, or other type of huge function. Right now while you are planning your function is the best time to think about all these details that will make everyone’s experience more enjoyable.

   The key is letting everyone know about the designated smoking area. For example, if it is a balcony, the word should be put out in the beginning of the party. There are other creative ways to let everyone know where to smoke as well (such as a small sign above the balcony’s exit), but chances are people will find out where to go simply by mingling with the other guests. Smokers always seem to find each other in a party atmosphere, so even if you don’t use signs or announce where the designated smoking area is periodically throughout the function, you should be okay with your guests casually finding it on their own.

   The main thing is to actually have a set place for people to go take a few puffs and quickly return to the party. Another great option would be to have an immediate roof space access. Again, you don’t want it too far away from the function, but not so close that the non-smoking guests are taking such large whiffs of smoke that they might as well have had a Newport themselves! Planning a convenient spot to go smoke beforehand will be greatly appreciated by all of your guests.


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