How To Save Money On Clothes


How to Save Money on Clothes

   by Limus Woods

   When adopting a more frugal lifestyle, you have to change your mindset and be open to changes. You have to really measure the things you want versus the things you need, and not stray away from the plan at the first impulse. Many of these impulses will come about because you will feel that you need to buy the most expensive clothing on the shelf just to keep up with ever-changing trends. And, while it is okay to buy pricier gear every once in a while, you should not make it a habit and realize that there are many ways to save cash on essential items.

   For example, getting the lower priced brand is a technique that you should use in all types of shopping, especially for clothes. Now that you are a person who is developing a thriftier lifestyle, consider going to thrift stores for basic items like t-shirts and jeans. You may even find a few hats or jackets that you like at a thrift store that would have cost you ten times more in an actual clothing store. See what you like, take it home or to the laundromat, and wash the clothing thoroughly after purchasing. Although thrift stores do save you money on clothes, you want to be sure they are clean before you wear them.

   Also, keep your eyes open for any upcoming garage sales in your area. These are usually spontaneous occasions that won’t be broadcasted beforehand, but if you spot one go ahead and stop by and browse around. You will find not only clothes, but other items at slashed prices that you can likely use in your apartment or home. Some of these same items are in thrift stores, too. There are plenty of things you can use in the kitchen, like toasters, pots and pans. You would likely spend double or triple at a retailer for these same things.


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