How To Entertain On A Budget



   How To Entertain On a Budget

    By Limus Woods

   Entertainment costs are some of the largest, but there are ways to not go broke just because you want to enjoy yourself every now and then. One of the best ways to do this is to bring the party to you. Instead of going out all the time, why not schedule something on a weekly basis at each of your friends’ homes? It will cost a lot less, and you will still be able to kick it with the folks you love hanging out with. You can play games, rent movies, cook large meals, or whatever else you can think of to do. Buying items for the get-together from the grocery store (food, alcohol, etc.) will be way better on your pockets than spending lots of unnecessary cash on the same things at a bar or restaurant.

   If you are not entertaining at home, then you have to act smartly when you do go out. For instance, you could buy season passes instead of tickets one by one. This, again, would take you examining your own habits, what you enjoy doing, and what you can afford to do regularly. If you like going to the amusement park, for example, then you don’t have to deprive yourself of it if you buy the entire pass up front. All you have to do is cancel all of those magazine or online subscriptions that you never use, and you’ll find that you actually do have the money to go out a little.

   When you decide to live a more frugal lifestyle, include your friends. For example, if you were going out to that amusement park, consider a group pass. These are many times way cheaper than individual ones, and everyone will be able to have a good time. Just because you decided you want to save money doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life. You just have to do so in a more mature fashion if you are going to put more funds away for better uses.



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