Helpful Tips to Save on Your Utilities Bill


Helpful Tips to Save Money on Your Utility Bills

   by Limus Woods

   Your utility bills take away a large portion of your income. And, without everyone living in the house doing their part to keep them as low as possible, they can easily skyrocket on the months that you get careless. Even the youngest child can help you with these simple steps to saving money on your electric, gas, water, cable, or any other household bills by playing their own individual role effectively. Also, you will be instilling frugal habits into that young person that they will use for the rest of their lives.

   Probably the easiest way to lower your water bill, for example, is to not leave the water running. It’s a simple rule, but how many times have you walked past the bathroom to see you kids brushing their teeth with the water wide open on full blast? It’s going straight down the drain, and as a parent you likely hear dollar signs in your head instead of gushing water in the sink. So make it clear to everyone that they are to turn it off if they are not using it at the moment.

   Many people don’t know this little trick, but if you keep your freezer full then you will save a lot of money on your electric bill. That’s right, go ahead and pile up on food. There will be those times when there is not a whole lot of food in the freezer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t save money. All you have to do is take a few gallon sized milk jugs and fill them up with cold water. Put them inside of your freezer to take up space until you get to the grocery store to buy food.

   The electric bill is a big one each month because of habits that we all have developed over time. Don’t think so? Well, ask yourself this question, do you leave on your bathroom light at night? How about your kitchen light? Maybe a light in the hallway? You aren’t by yourself, but these are the lights that creep into your bill that make you scratch your head at the end of the month when looking at the bill. But, there is a way to remedy this.

   Go to your local department store and purchase a bunch of nightlights. Then, in all of those places where you know that you need light at night, plug them in. If you have children you will greatly benefit from putting them in the kitchen, the bathroom and the hallway. And, if you have smaller kids, they may even want one in their rooms as well. Plug in nightlights are a huge money saver, and you can buy them not only at the largest department stores, but at dollar stores and discount stores as well. Be sure and buy the ones that only come on when it gets dark around them. Spending those couple of dollars won’t be anything compared to knocking 5% to 10% off your electric bill this month!

   Almost every household has some type of home computer these days. If you have a laptop that you can easily cut off that is fine, but a home desktop computer is always plugged in. As busy individuals, we sometimes will leave our computers on after we leave them. Even though that home screen is off, the computer itself is still pulling current if there are lights on. If you are not going to be using it for a while, be sure and turn it all the way off when you walk away.

   Speaking of computers, you probably get a strong signal from your next door neighbors’ apartment. They likely get the same strong signal from you. See if this is legal before you try it, but if you and your next door neighbor can get on the same page, and there are not that many people using the internet, maybe you can split the bill between the two apartments. For example, if you don’t have internet, but are about to get a laptop, give them have of their bill in cash and ask for the code to get on and offline.

   Whether you go this route with your neighbor or not, you can still save lots of money on your cable bill. All you have to do it cancel it. That’s right, I said cancel your cable. If you watch most of your programs online, and are away at work most of the time anyway, it really won’t be that much of a sacrifice. If you have family and kids it wouldn’t work so well. But if you are a single person it can save you lots of dough.


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