Four Amusement Parks you Must Visit in the United States


Summer vacation is finally here, and everyone is in a mood to relax, have fun, and just enjoy the sunshine and the long summer days! If you have kids, or if your family enjoys the thrill of visiting amusement parks, summer is a great time to do just that. There are many thrilling rides, tasty eats, fun activities and games, and entertaining shows. At amusement parks, you can surely find something fun and interesting for all age groups. So why not plan a visit today? But wait, have you decided where to go? With so many great parks in the United States, which one do you pick? Well, listed below are four amusement parks that should definitely be on your must-see list.

  • Cedar Point

Located in Sandusky, Ohio, this amusement park boasts 17 roller coasters and is a great place for “grown up kids!” It has a total of 71 rides, some for adults, some for families, and some just for kids. Soak City is Cedar Point’s water park that you can also enjoy when you visit the park. Shows include band performances, kids’ sing-a-longs, fireworks, and many others. The park has won many awards for cleanliness, friendly staff, best kids’ area, best Halloween event, and many more. This park offers tons of things for everyone and is a fun place to visit.

  • Six Flags Magic Mountain

Initially opened in 1971, this Los Angeles, California amusement park holds the world record for most roller coasters in an amusement park with 19 coasters. Over the years many rides have been discontinued, while new ones have been added. The park includes nine separate themed areas featuring different rides, foods, and attractions in each. Due to its location, there has been filming of numerous film and television scenes in the park. The park has more recently tried to focus on marketing for families and kids- a new children’s area was added in 2008.

  • Busch Gardens

No trip to Virginia would be complete without visiting the Busch Gardens amusement park in historical Williamsburg. Other than rides, food, and various other types of entertainment options, the park also offers animal encounters, which are sure to be a big hit with kids! It has been voted the most beautiful theme park for the past 23 years! With so much to do and with scheduled annual events, it is difficult to go wrong with Busch Gardens.

  • Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom

Rides and attractions for all ages, different Disney characters, parades, nighttime fireworks, shows, and more make this park one of the best parks for families. There are different themed areas within the park, and the unmistakable Disney hospitality and service truly make this Orlando park the happiest place in the world! Visiting this park will truly become a cherished memory.

While there are only four amusement parks listed here, there are many, many more all over the country that you can visit. As long as you have fun, any park would be a great choice.

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