Create the Ultimate Playroom for Your Kids


A playroom for your kids is a great idea if you want to make sure that your kids have a special place to play, thus saving a lot of wear and tear on their bedrooms or other rooms in your house. Plus, a playroom will ensure that toys are contained in one room, rather than scattered around the house. Here are the key things you need to use to create the ultimate playroom for your kids.

  1. Paint. First, you’ll want to paint the walls in a bright, cheery, primary color. You might even want to use multiple colors such as one bright color for each wall. Alternately, you might want to create colorful patterns on the walls such as stripes or polka dots.
  1. Shelves. Shelves are your best friend, whether they are shelves that you install on the wall or simple bookshelves. Shelves allow you to stack up multiple toys and games or they can hold baskets that can hold things like Leggo pieces.
  1. Toy box. A toy box is a great all-around holder for stuffed animals, toy trucks, and any other miscellaneous toys your child may have.
  1. Small table and chairs. Small child-sized tables and chairs not only make your children feel all “grown up” when they sit at them but they also make great places for your children to do arts and crafts.
  1. Small crates or boxes for organizing. Take advantage of small crates or boxes to organize all those toys. For example, you might want to use one box to house stuffed animals, one to house craft supplies and one to house army figures. Your organization scheme will vary depending on what types of toys and games your children use.
  1. Rug. You’ll definitely want a rug in your playroom. A rug adds a lot of warmth to the space and can help keep little feet warm during the winter. In addition, a rug can help keep your children from sliding on a floor and hurting themselves—just be sure to use a rug runner.
  1. Chalkboards. Chalkboards let kids be creative and messy, and they are easy to clean up. Many chalkboards are also magnetic so you can let your kids play with magnetic alphabet characters.
  1. Corkboards. Add a cork board to your playroom so that you can display your children’s art work or school rewards. Corkboards make a great place to display your child’s achievements and by displaying them in the playroom, you’ll be encouraging your child to keep progressing.

While these are all great ideas for creating a fantastic child’s playroom, you’ll probably find other ideas as well based on your particular children’s interest. For example, if your children love music, you might want to include a stereo or add decorative items that are music related such as decals of staff notes. But, remember, the key to creating a great kids playroom is to have fun yourself! Be sure to bring out the kid in you!

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