When Words Fall Short


When words fall short…


     As a universal form of expression, words convey our messages, ideas, beliefs and feelings. Be it spoken language or written text, words have been performing this job for several years now. Variety of languages, diversity in dialects and uniqueness of the script have given birth to millions of words that we all use today. Right from childhood, as we learn about the power of these words; they perform an important role in our lives. As we read, write, speak and communicate with the magic of these words, we realize their irreplaceable value forever. Though words act as tools, while they convey our feelings to loved ones or reflect the emotions seeded deep within, several moments in life take away these words completely.

    Chocked with emotions, when life fills our eyes with tears and floods our heart with feelings, our vocabulary certainly falls short. One of the best means of communication, expressions of our eyes convey the true message, instantly. While we struggle to hunt for words and frame sentences, our expressions perform the job, effortlessly. When words fall short or vocabulary refuses to assist us, we realize the emotional quotient of such an occurrence. Extreme end of emotions translate into speechless situations.

    Be it eagerness about a new venture or excitement of a pleasant surprise, be it sorrow of a loss or disappointment of failure, be it innumerable doses of happiness or moments of satisfaction, several circumstances like these take our speech away. Surrounded by desired or undesired aspects, as life presents us with its diverse colors, we realize the magic in such situations. Failure of words enhance the purity of feelings.  As silence is golden with shine of its own, lack of words reflect our genuine emotions. Bringing us closer to the thoughts in our mind, failing words create wonders in one way or the other.

   Moments of separation, reunion, birth, death, marital union, remarkable achievement or creditable victory can leave us completely speechless. While some occurrences radiate happiness and joy all around, few appear as unwanted, yet unavoidable. Besides situations and circumstances that take our words away, certain bonds and ties fail to produce these words, too! Closeness of relations depict this state of speechlessness. While words fall short, we realize the strength in such bonds. Ability to convey thoughts and express feelings without the aid of words demonstrates the purity in a relationship.

    Silent talks and speechless conversations reflect the beauty of a relation. While words and speech choose to stay with us forever, novel experiences in the absence of words prompt us to think about the magic of similar situations.

    With this unique thought in mind; what are the highlighting aspects, when words fall short?

  1. Speechless situations depict the purity of our feelings and emotions.
  2. Extreme emotions can take our words away.
  3. From happiness, sorrow, excitement, satisfaction; every kind of experience can leave us speechless.
  4. Lack of words between loved ones depicts the closeness in relations.
  5. Remarkable moments that transform into long-lasting memories may suffer from lack of words.


A novel thought with a unique impact, shortage of words certainly conveys a lot. Experience of such emotional encounters and sensitive incidences open the closed doors of our heart.

Magic of smile and support of eyes are the only companions, when words fall short….


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