Power of Patience


Power of Patience


   Silence of stability, calmness of mind, desire for the destination, value of time – as essential aspects that teach us the value of patience, life greets us with several moments along the way. Staying calm about the outcome and marching ahead with determination are the key factors for success. As a universal element that casts its spell over every domain in life, patience has a long-lasting impact in the course of journey. By exhibiting patience in every task and reflecting stability in every endeavor, we can move towards fulfillment and satisfaction. Patience has the power to influence our tasks, engagements, ambitions and desires. A key ingredient that contributes its share for success, patience accompanies us along every stage in life.

     While uncertainties and unknown circumstances surround us quite often, support of patience is the only aspect that can take us towards the end point. Though one cannot predict about the final outcome in every situation, patience and stability of thoughts can ensure contribution of determined efforts. While we possess patience and trust in our tasks, we inspire ourselves towards consistent progress. Patience prompts us to concentrate, focus, engage and involve in the desired course of work. Overthinking and worrying about the outcome can distract us from all the tasks at hand. Lacing our efforts with patience can keep us glued always.

    Patience prompts us to move ahead with our work without worrying about the future. As every aspect in life is governed by the influence of ‘circumstances’, changing situations and passing time speak about the power of patience. Patience and stability are necessary factors that can guide us towards the end.

   Attitude and conduct filled with patience represent the highlights of a magnetic personality. As we observe patience and stability around us, we realize their significance.

What are the advantages of being patient? What benefits are radiated by the attitude of patience?

  1. Patience prompts us to continue the course of work with determination and dedication, without worrying about the final outcome.
  2. As every situation is uncertain, patience guides us to enjoy the journey, without dreaming about the destination.
  3. Be it any domain of life, harboring patience and working hard are extremely essential elements.
  4. Patience adds charm to our personality, lowering negative attributes of anger, restlessness, anxiety and nervousness, while offering peace, happiness, satisfaction and joy.
  5. As a long-lasting habit that may never fade, incorporation of patience can offer benefits for a lifetime.
  6. Patience demonstrates its power in every sphere of activities; from professional goals to personal plans, from major events to desired dreams, from daily tasks to long-term activities; patience can cast its spell all over.
  7. While we possess patience and invite its influence into our lives, we open the doors to success. Patience prompts us to concentrate and focus in the current course of activities without fearing about the future.
  8. As we inculcate this aspect of patience, we realize its impact in every sphere of life.


Such is the power of patience that motivates us to grow, sustain, develop and progress. Influence of patience and impact of stability take us towards long-lasting happiness!


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