Ignorance Is Bliss


Ignorance is bliss


      A phrase that catches our attention instantly, ‘ignorance is bliss’ may tend to raise few eyebrows. While we are always taught to understand, contemplate, analyze and draw conclusions with careful presence of mind, associating ignorance with blessing can appear incorrect by all means. A proverb that works in different ways during different situations, ignorance can perform wonders in an unexpected manner. While it is impossible to gather every bit of information, analyze every angle of the situation and predict all the results well in advance, ignorance towards such aspects can definitely help than harm.

     Excessive involvement into activities that do not seem to be under our control give way to troubles, tensions, anxieties and worries. Focusing on factors that demand our attention, efforts, hard work and determination can yield positive outcome. Striking balance between essential and non-essential factors can prompt us towards further course of action. Ignorance towards unavoidable elements can conserve our energy, enthusiasm, resources and interest towards other necessary tasks. By complaining about undesired shades or unwanted aspects, we tend to attract negative energy, besides moving away from our goal. During such circumstances, ignorance plays a magical role, prompting us to stay determined, while avoiding unwanted acts.

      Though influence of ‘ignorance is bliss’ may cast its spell over our daily course of activities, ignorance towards negative people, destructive criticism, unwanted discrimination and trouble-making elements is equally essential. While their primary aim is to disturb, distract, irritate and destroy, ignoring their presence is the key to ultimate success. Involvement into their undesirable plans may pull us towards failure. Though criticism can prove beneficial and guide us towards improvement, negative attitude of reviewers with an aim to defeat must be definitely ignored.

    As best judges of our life, it is extremely essential to frame our own decisions. While those around us may shower their suggestions, advice, judgements and ideas, adhering to each of them in a perfect manner is not possible. Such times call for ignorance as life demands our stand on various aspects. Criticism born out of jealousy, hatred, anger, frustration, comparison and ill thoughts can perform more harm than good, making it necessary to ignore and march ahead. Ignorance and negligence can turn into a blessing if executed in a perfect way. Ignorance towards baseless arguments, non-significant engagements and unnecessary involvement can shower colorful aspects all around.

    While we strive to gather information and enlighten ourselves with knowledge from all sources, it is not possible to understand every single aspect before the final outcome. Though careful analysis and thorough research present their own set of advantages, incorporation of this habit during each and every situation may not seem feasible.  With this thought in mind, ignorance and negligence can certainly come to the rescue.

What are the highlights of this proverb? What do we learn from them?

  1. Ignoring unnecessary, insignificant and unwanted aspects can inspire us to continue with our constructive efforts.
  2. Excessive involvement into matters that perform more harm than good should be certainly ignored.
  3. Though ignorance and negligence can present several troubles and worries, it is essential to identify their negative shades and ignore them at the right time.
  4. Destructive criticism, jealousy, hatred, irritation, frustration from troublesome elements can distract us away from the goal, recognizing such aspects at the correct time and ignoring them for our own good is the key to success.
  5. Offering happiness, joy, satisfaction and peace, ignorance towards unnecessary worries regarding the future or fear of tomorrow is extremely essential. Inviting positivity in life, ignorance can keep all troubles at bay.
  6. Ignorance can shower its benefits if we strike a perfect balance between essential and non-essential factors for every domain in life.


So while, ignorance is bliss may sound as just another small thought, it certainly has a significant impact. Ignoring unnecessary actions and embracing essential elements form the need of the hour.

Ignore, neglect, progress and move ahead – after all ignorance can turn into a blessing!


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