Assets for the mind – treasure called ‘Thoughts’.

Originating from the mind, radiating over our lives, influencing our experiences and converting into

memories – factors called ‘thoughts’ play an important role in the course of our journey. While our

mind engages itself into thoughts of various kind, they certainly influence our lives in more ways than

we can think about. Floating in our minds, as we think, analyze, interpret and conclude, these thoughts

decorate the canvas of our life. While an active thinking process reflects the energy in us, our thoughts

ensure constant functioning of the mind. Though these thoughts may not translate into any beneficial

aspects, their presence continues to spread its charm.

From positive thoughts laced with hopes and desires to negative thoughts that may disturb and

distract, from fun-filled thoughts topped with happiness and joy to lifeless thoughts covered with

boredom, wide range of thoughts enter and exit our minds quite often. While fictional thoughts fueled

by imagination appear interesting, entertaining, exciting and wonderful, those that fit into the frame of

real life appear serious and situational. With no restrictions over the amount, our mind often tends to

work as a factory, generating millions of thoughts each day. While some of these may be constructive or

few others may be non-significant, the chain of thoughts running in our minds never ceases.

Be it household responsibility or professional commitment, be it leisurely engagement or matured

transaction, be it fragment of past or imagination of the future, diverse experiences and varied

situations cast their spell that lead to the birth of thoughts. Though thoughts and ideas are essential for

sustained progress, it is necessary to focus on their implementation and execution instead of

imagination. Thoughts that hurt or ideas that disturb can never yield any positive outcome. A never-

ending process that initiates from birth and continuous through the entire life, generation of thoughts

dominate the plot of our existence.

Happy, sad, good, bad, exciting, boring, irritating, interesting, desirable, unwanted, fearful, relaxed,

tiring- while these are some of the adjectives that describe the variety of thoughts running along the

journey of life, their presence add interesting colors. As factors that do not follow any restrictions of

age, religion, nationality, caste or language, thoughts assume a universal touch all around the world.

Though thoughts of a little kid differ from those of an old gentleman, every person find themselves

within a dense network of these aspects. While ascending various steps of our life, every stage showers

us with range of thoughts.

What are the beneficial aspects of these thoughts that call for our attention?

Let us look at them, while we think about this thought process!

 Thoughts are assets that represent the feelings of our mind.

 Engaging us in constructive aspects, positive thoughts ensure flow of progressive ideas.

 Thoughts mirror our emotions, beliefs, gestures and faith.

 Generation of thoughts follows a continuous process.

 Excessive involvement in thoughts can distract the execution of tasks at hand.

 Thoughts enable the development of our future.

 Thoughts can pave the path towards innovation and improvement.

 Drawing a line to our flow of thoughts is an impossible task, making it essential to engage

ourselves in positivity, while giving away negativity, distraction, disturbance and worries.

While these are some of the striking features of ‘thoughts’, they certainly form an essential

part of our lives. Since their initiation and termination follows the course of our journey, their

connection with us lasts forever. Though our mind may not necessarily obey the rules of the

game and prompt us towards unwanted thoughts; choice of constructive aspects over the

destructive ones lies in our hands.

So think wisely and act smartly, after all thoughts are assets that need to be treasured!


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