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Don’t mis-understand this exciting news: Spiderman is back. No, it’s not another Spiderman movie… those have been made, re-made, re-made and then re-made again. Rather, Spiderman is back in a completely new way, a way that comic book nerds and Marvel enthusiasts have dreamed about for years. In Spiderman Homecoming, due out in Summer 2017, the beloved nerd turned superhero will join the Marvel characters in one completely epic film that already has fans, critics and audiences raving about. Curious? We were. So we dug a little deeper to get the scoop, and we think you’ll like what we have to say about Spiderman: Homecoming.

It’s a Joint Effort

Sony has worked on Spiderman films in the past, but when you involve the Marvel cast, you have to involve the Marvel crew. After much deliberation over the matter, Sony and Marvel Studios have decided to team up for the film, with producers ensuring that everything with the film will be on par with the previous Marvel films that we’ve all grown to know and love, like the Avengers, and Captain America.

A Younger Peter Parker

Spiderman: Homecoming will feature a younger Peter Parker. Specifically, around age 15, with Parker smack dab in the middle of those high school years. Unlike the Spiderman flicks we’re used to now, with a man in his late 20s playing the role, this will likely be played by an actor who looks the part. A younger Peter Parker isn’t exactly what audiences are used to, though it is a truer reflection of Parker as portrayed by the comic books. The movie will be much more in toon with an accurate age portrayal, including a more in depth look at his life with friends and school aside from his super hero identity.

Everyone’s Invited

Perhaps the most exciting part for Marvel fans is the fact that Marvel and Sony have made it known that there are no restrictions on which Marvel Comic hero’s can appear in the Spiderman film. That means that you’re likely to see your favorite characters – Thor, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man (to name a few) cropping up here and there throughout the film. The ability to add these characters in the mix will, without a doubt, launch this movie into a realm of success it never would have had otherwise!

Aunt May Will Have Some Personality

Aunt May in Spiderman’s past has been unmemorable at best. It’s not Sally Field’s fault… the character has just been so poorly drawn and crafted that there’s little to be expected of any role that directly reflects the way she’s to be portrayed. With Sony’s permission, Marvel is changing things up quite a bit: Aunt May will be played by the young actress Marisa Tomei, and will bring a vibrant wit and identity to the role that’s never been present before.

It Won’t Start at the Beginning

Every Spiderman movie thus far has told the same old tale, over and over again: the tale of his origins and how Peter Parker became Spiderman. Frankly, the audience is tired of it. While it’s a great story, one need not take an hour to tell it in film after film; it’s simply too much. Rather, Spiderman: Homecoming will start assuming you know the story, with him as a fully developed Spiderman. That means more time for action and new story lines.

It’ll Be Different

We’ve painted a different picture so far, sure, but there’s something even greater that you should know: the dark picture of the tale of Spiderman that has been painted in other films? Gone. Comic book Spiderman is light and quippy, full of life and vibrant wit – Marvel taps back into that with this film. Forget the dreary storyline featuring a confused Parker who grapples with darkness in between climbing walls and chasing villains… the fun Parker is back and better than ever.

We know… is it July 2017 yet? We don’t want to wait either. One thing is for certain, though – even though it’s over a year away, it’s going to be worth the wait.

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