A curve that straightens it all….

      A beautiful form of expression that connects each one of us from far and wide, smile is certainly the most wonderful gift for all. Smile reflects the happiness, joy, content and love seeded within our hearts. While smile does not follow any language, nationality, religion or belief, its presence can connect us with a unique magical charm. A script without any words, a story without any plot – smile carries a powerful message for its enthusiasts.

      Be it a new born baby or a little toddler, a young adult or an old gem, smile can decorate the face value of each and every age group. As an accessory that adds a perfect look, power of one single smile can perform exciting wonders. While offering a smile to loved ones reflects our love and care, smiling at unknown people exhibits the feeling of kindness. An eagerness to network with everyone radiates the magic of smile. Smile is a wonderful means to acknowledge those around us. As the first step towards friendship, affection, bond and connection; one little smile is able to offer it all.

  While extension of smile reflects our eagerness to connect with people around, willingness to smile exhibits happiness and joy hidden deep within. Mirroring joy in our hearts and peace in our minds, smile is the perfect way to express the same. Highly contagious in every way, smile can spread all over, leaving behind feeling of contentment. Though we may not know about the sorrow filled shades of a person’s story or the elements of disappointment that may dominate one’s plot, sweetness of smile can erase it all. Offering momentary happiness that lasts for a little while, smile has the power to influence our mood, thoughts, feelings and belief.

    With an aim to impart energy, enthusiasm, vigor and excitement, curve of smile certainly does a lot more. While words may fall short or language may pose as a barrier, a single gesture of smile can act as the universal solution in every situation. Promoting humanity and strengthening relations, smile manages to spread its radiant glow all over. An ideal action that works as a green signal towards elimination of misunderstandings, smile can replace sadness with joy, boredom with interest and loneliness with attachment.

    As a routine habit to be incorporated into our daily conduct, presence of smile certainly brings joy to the course of life.

What are the highlights of this magical curve?

What are the benefits of flaunting a big smile to those around?

  • Smile bridges hearts and connects minds, as a form of expression fueled with affection; smile can certainly spread happiness all around.
  • Smile is the perfect mode to break the ice, a gesture that can initiate connection, contact, attachment and bond.
  • Smile reflects our happiness, joy, content and satisfaction. Mirroring our inner thoughts, smile is the perfect way to exhibit the joy of life.
  • As a contagious gesture that can spread around quickly, our smile can radiate happiness into someone else’s life.
  • Smile opens the door to friendly conduct and healthy relations, inspiring us to celebrate life.
  • By flashing an energetic smile, we can instill energy, enthusiasm and motivation to those around us.


    Such is the power of smile that can invite love, affection, joy and content. Though a simple gesture with simpler influence, a single smile is all we need to experience the joy of living.

   Keep smiling and enjoy life, after all one curve of smile can straighten the journey called ‘LIFE’.


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