Pods, Pots and Press – Which Coffee Maker Suits Your Home?


Coffee is the elixir that keeps the world spinning. Where would you be without your morning java? Without your afternoon pick-me-up? Many in the world are happily and admittedly dependent upon the beverage to get them where they need to be in the day… physically, emotionally and mentally. Perhaps your preference is to swing by your local coffee shop once or twice a day in order to get your fix and indulge in a your favorite hot beverage, but those who make a habit of doing that know the type of problem this will cause with your bank account.

Four dollars here, five dollars there… it all adds up entirely too quickly. The answer, obviously, is to find the perfect routine for your coffee right in your own kitchen. But how? With all the gadgets and gizmo’s out there for making coffee, how are you to know what’s right for you? Allow us to take you through the pros and cons of each coffee maker so that you can make the best decision according to your preferences!


Instant coffee makers – like Keurig – surfaced a number of years ago and has remained a solid contender in the coffee maker industry to this day. Keurig’s use little pods to brew your coffee, in a convenient way that all other makers lack. The pod is for the consumer who’s a “one and done” kind of coffee enjoyer. You don’t need more than one cup in the morning, and you don’t particularly care to control it’s taste, or to spend a lot of time preparing it. It’s for the “on the go” consumer, who wants to think about coffee and have a hot cup in a to-go cup in about a minutes time. It’s for the person who enjoys picking out different flavors, strengths, and beans in the coffee aisle of the grocery store, even though the flavors may not have a thing to do with how the coffee really tastes. Pods are the convenient option.

The easy option. What are they not? They’re not the most affordable, or the best in taste. We’ll cover the financial aspect first: the upfront cost of the pod method is generally ridiculous. For the cheapest, you’re looking at a price around $100. Ongoing? On average you can get a 10-pack of pods for brewing at about $9, meaning you’re paying a little less than $1 a cup – expensive for the at-home coffee experience, especially if you have more than one person in the home consuming it. Lastly? If you’re a coffee fanatic for the taste alone, if you can appreciate different blends and origins and strengths and flavors… pods aren’t for you. They’re generally pretty bland, with very few options in terms of “great” coffee. Essentially, pods just get the job done.


The step up from pods, and the method that the majority of people have used in their homes for decades and decades… the pot. The coffee pot is what you’re used to seeing. It’s the best all around option in terms of affordability, convenience, taste and experience. Coffee pot users are those who can take the time to make the coffee on a day to day basis, and they don’t dread the process. They have many options in terms of what they’re brewing, how strong they brew it, and how long they let it sit on the burner (changing the taste).

Pots are great for homes where there’s more than one coffee drinker strictly from a cost perspective. What are they not? They’re not super convenient, like the pods are. Unlike the pre-prepared pods with the perfect amount of coffee in each one, consumers with coffee pots must carefully measure the coffee and the water in order to get the desired strength just right. And, as any coffee consumer knows, unfortunately everyone does that differently. Depending on the strength, coffee type, and the pot itself… sometimes no two cups of coffee ever really taste the same. Coffee pots remain the best all around option for coffee consumers.


Are you picky about your coffee? Is it something that you consider a treat… maybe not to be consumed every day? If you’re even remotely a “coffee snob”, and if you like to consider each cup of coffee as an experience to be savored, the press if for you. The consumer with the press will consider coffee time a luxury. They’ll have only the finest coffees, locally grown and completely organic, and they’ll savor every note that’s emitted from their cup as they sip.

They’ll enjoy the entire process of making the coffee, from start to finish, and will be floored at the entire concept of what they created and how tasty it is. The press is a conversation piece, it’s coffee is a social treat. Don’t buy a press if you’re looking for convenience, or if you’re thinking you’ll use it every day. You won’t. You buy a press to use on occasion, when you’re really in the mood for something good.

Don’t get caught up and confused on how you can best get the coffee you crave from the comfort and convenience of your own kitchen!

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