Is Entrepreneurship a Better Option for Recent Law School Grads?


The money that is spent on making already good laws schools unnecessarily similar-looking to the more wealthy ones can be used in so many other better ways. For example, schools could fund more internship programs so the transition onto a law firm staff is not so difficult, or more money could be placed into entrepreneurship programs at these institutions. There have been many graduates who have found that going this route and starting their own practice was a much better option for them. But, when the money is going towards more materialistic endeavors at various laws schools across the country, it makes it harder for students to get ready for life after college, because entrepreneurial training is many times being compromised by those who control the funds.

   One New York Times article by Eileen Zimmerman called “Skipping the Partner for a Shingle of One’s Own” shows how an entrepreneurial spirit has helped many brave lawyers around the country think outside of the box and start their own firms. Gabay-Rafiy & Bowler in New York City and Yim & Chuang in Manhattan are two prime examples of private firms that started from very humble beginnings, and may have gone into business sooner after the lawyers graduated law school if they had had the right entrepreneurial training at their institutions of learning.

   Lawyers, by nature, have to be autonomous during the course of their work day. Although there may be others at the firm, having control from the ground up as an entrepreneur can give them an edge. If they are not joining an already existing firm, a recent graduate may not have to be flexible and bend towards what that hiring firm wants. They can choose practice areas that they are themselves passionate about, which will result in them doing a better job and having a more enjoyable career.



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