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Whoever said that soccer isn’t alive and well in America is confused. No, it may not be at the forefronts of media attention year round, but studies and statistics show that it’s almost as prominent in America as it is in the rest of the world. For that reason, company Soccer Without Limits (SWOL) decided to take a good idea and run with it. SWOL, founded by Adam Davis and Danny Karbassiyoon, started as a content site for soccer fans but shifted gears when Fantasy Sports started stealing the hearts of sports fanatics everywhere. Since then, they’ve been working on a soccer fantasy sports app that’s likely to change the way people all over the world play in fantasy leagues.

What Fantasy Sports is Lacking

With technology being what it is today, it’s no wonder that Davis and Karbassiyoon saw a gap in the fantasy sports market. Frankly, in an age of convenience and instant gratification – when people get frustrated with a slow Wi-Fi connection 3,000 feet in the air, for example – waiting is overrated. The nature of real life sports is that you must wait for games, watch the games, and then determine the results. In soccer, you’re usually waiting a while for the game (weeks or months), and then the game itself is 90 minutes. In fantasy leagues, that’s a lot of kicking the can down the road… just waiting as life passes you by. What did Davis and Karbassiyoon see? What if, instead of waiting for the real games, accurate results could be determined any time, in about 90 seconds? Game changer.

What Does That Even Mean?

No app can predict the future, of that you can be sure. So what are we even talking about – instant accurate results? It’s simple (yet extremely complicated): using algorithms that incorporate real life statistics, teams can match up and results can be determined instantly within 90 seconds. No, an actual game wasn’t played. Yes, actual statistics were used, and the results are often shockingly similar to real life game play.

Is That All?

It’s more than just downloading an app in order to play your friends. In fact, it’s more of a soccer-centric social media platform than anything else. The best part? There’s no limit to who you can play and chat with, celebrities and professional ballers included, and that’s the real kicker for soccer fans who want to take their fantasy game to a completely new level.

The Board of Ballers

Don’t roll your eyes and assume that no-name professionals have created profiles only for social clout and political success. On the contrary, SWOL has strategically involved well known players to create profiles, use the app, and in some cases back and invest the project. The players are listed in the app on the “Board of Ballers”; the Board includes prominent players like Jerome Boateng, and Didier Drogba. A solid plan for marketing and growing the app spun into action when Davis and Karbassiyoon enlisted the financial backing from several members of the Board of Ballers, who now have equity in the company.

What happens when you have equity in a company? You’re no longer a participant, a by-stander. You care, you invest time and energy in order to make it work. You better believe that these ballers who own equity will do what it takes to make the app as successful as it’s predicted to be. This means interacting with fans as often as possible, and making it a great experience that they want to come back again and again for.

When Is It Available?

Fury 90 is currently still in the later stages of development, though the launch date is rumored to be right around the corner, at the start of the European soccer season, in August. Davis says he hopes a year from now for the app to be on iOS devices, on Android, in many languages and countries, and with at least one professional player from each country involved in the Board of Ballers. Ambitious, but it’s sounding like Fury 90 has great potential to live up to the task.

As quickly as fantasy sports leagues became a trend, they’re morphing into a new thing. Instant gratification via real life stats, social interaction with friends and celebrities, and good old fashioned competition are the name of the game with Fury 90’s soon to be released soccer app.

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