Why Couples Should Tell The Truth About Paternity


There are many marriages today that involve children who are not biologically related to one of the parents. In fact, the parents themselves may have been brought up by a step-parent when they were kids, so it’s nothing new to them. My stepdad raised me, and we get along great to this day. So, whenever I meet a woman who has children, I accept all that comes with her if she is a nice person, because if I had kids right now I’d want her to accept my little ones if she loved me. What I don’t like is when there is a lot of lying going on when children are involved, because they don’t deserve to go through that.

   There is a musical artist by the name of Kanye West who released a song several years ago called “Golddigger”. In it, he raps a line that describes a man going through eighteen whole years before finding out that a child was not his. Coincidentally, around the same time the song was released, a man named Richard Rodwell was in the beginning stages of a landmark case that involved his ex-wife’s physical infidelity. The Daily Mail UK reported that Richard had paid child support for about four years before asking her for a paternity test. He had heard rumors that the children were not his, but did not believe them for a long time. After getting the negative results, the formally dedicated father broke down.

   Richard ended up getting a big settlement in 2011. He actually came out lucky with the way some laws are set up today. The effects of cheating are so much worse for married heterosexual men because the act of a wife sleeping with another guy can also have major monetary consequences. If the current husband signs the birth certificate out of love, he could very well get locked into being legally responsible for the children (i.e. child support) even if he finds out later that they are not really his.



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