Strengths and Weaknesses – the Varying Shades of a Personality.


 When asked about our strengths and weaknesses, we often ponder about the aspects that dominate our personality. As subjective elements that do not have a fixed definition or well framed description, our strengths and weaknesses can indicate different factors under the light of diverse situations and unique circumstances. What shines as strength in a particular incident may transform into weakness during some other moment, adding colorful shades to the spectrum of human personality. As traits of behavior that add uniqueness to our character, strengths and weaknesses are essential factors in this journey called ‘life’.

     Recognizing these strengths and weaknesses is the first step towards our internal progress. By understanding the powerful aspects of our personality and striving to transform the weaker ones, we can march over the path of development. With a profound impact on our thoughts, emotions, conduct and feelings, strengths and weaknesses certainly play an important role in our course. Strengths are the positive highlights that take us closer to our goals. By radiating positive influence over our efforts, strengths inspire us towards fulfillment of our dreams. While weaknesses may disturb and interfere during our transition towards success, strengths push energy and enthusiasm into our system.

     Though weaknesses are undesirable traits of our personality, they function as balancing elements in the character. As two sides of the same coin, presence of strengths and weaknesses offer a unique look to our existence. While both choose to decorate our personality; nurturing all the strengths and transforming the weaknesses is the key to progress. As unavoidable features of our conduct, weaknesses can continue their influence along the course of journey. Though we cannot eliminate their existence from our character, we can certainly strive towards positive changes. By drawing benefits from our weaknesses, we can experience happiness, joy, satisfaction and content.

   As the path of our life is filled with numerous uncertainties and unanswered queries, every situation is unique from the other. With this backdrop of novelty and diversity, our strengths and weaknesses can change their title quite often. Over- careful and cautious conduct in each and every aspect may pose as a weakness while dealing with our loved ones, but the same trait may come across as a strength around unknown people at unknown locations and under uncertain situations. Willingness to dream and admire about great desires in life can shine as strengths, yet wandering around in a dreamland forever can keep one away from tasks at hand.

   Leadership skills, positive outlook, realistic approach, practical understanding can all function as strengths if employed in a correct situation under beneficial guidelines. Over emphasis on any aspect, during an inappropriate situation can transform these strengths into weaknesses. A very thin line separates strengths from weaknesses, making it essential to understand their impact and realize their significance. As each one of us have unique personalities, diverse behaviors and innumerable feelings and emotions, we possess wide range of strengths and weaknesses. Adding a distinct touch to our personality, these strengths and weaknesses decorate our stand in the society. Significant part of our life story, these aspects give us identity, value, recognition and purpose. With this reality in mind, it is extremely essential to develop our strengths and work on our weaknesses.


What are the different strengths and weaknesses that belong to group of individuals of a particular kind?

Let us explore these aspects, while you match them with your own traits…


  • Optimistic group:


Strengths – positive approach in every task; confidence, determination, dedication, trust, concentration; ability to draw happiness from every situation.


Weaknesses– tend to drift away from reality; have limited scope of vision; may ignore the complete picture.



  • Analytical troop:



Strengths – careful examination of every situation; interest to contemplate, think, understand and analyze each and every domain in great details; ability to concentrate and focus; willingness to experiment, explore and evaluate before final conclusion.


Weaknesses – may drain out all the fun from every situation due to over-analysis; tend to be lost in thoughts and lose the magic of the moment.



  • Bold camp:


Strengths– confidence to succeed, fearless in every act, strong will power, remarkable decisive               power, independent, never scared or suppressed by anyone.

           Weaknesses – may display extreme emotions, anger, disappointment; tend to dominate; inability to embrace peace, calmness and maturity in every situation.



  • Day dreamers:



Strengths– possess desires, wishes, dreams and hopes towards a successful course, trust in their own efforts and believe in fulfillment of colorful thoughts.


Weaknesses – move away from realities, may lose concentration and focus from current project at hand; may exhibit inability to plan, decide, execute and process.


  • Leadership club:

Strengths – possess ability to provide direction, guidance, assistance and inspiration; can take charge of any situation and transform it into a successful outcome.

Weaknesses – may ignore the thoughts of group members and enforce their decisions, may exhibit controlling nature and desire to dominate.


      While these are some of the most common strengths and weaknesses observed among people around, there are many more diverse aspects that can cast their influence in our lives.


Celebrate your strengths and recognize your weaknesses, after all they are the building blocks of your personality!


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