Organizing Tips that Will Make your Life Easy


Keeping things organized reduces anxiety and increases productivity. Get your life organized with these simple DIYs tricks.

  1. Create a year planner. Chalk down the goals you want to accomplish in a year and remind yourself regularly whether you have moving in the right direction to achieve these goals.
  2. Place all the receipts and bills in a file.
  3. Keep the things you use often and dispose the rest by giving it as a charity.
  4. Hang the hats on the wall because they are easy to see and grab. Use push pins on the wooden walls or some sticky hang racks. Same can be used to hang purses and sunglasses.
  5. A nice looking glass container filled with beads or small marbles help keep the make-up brushes organized.  Just place the brush with bristles on the top and in a vertical fashion.
  6. For organizing the small jewellery items like earring, place them in ice-cube trays.
  7. The desk becomes messy over time. To organize it place the courier boxes as divisions in the drawer. Tape the sides and colour them up. Now you the space for pens, pencils, sharpeners, and so on. Everything in their own place.
  8. Write down inspirational quotes on the sticky notes and stick them to the mirror. Change the text every day and feel motivated every day.
  9. Cables can be organized with use of paper clips.  
  10. To identify the keys, paint them with different colour nail polish.
  11. Pile the clothes vertically. This helps to see them all.
  12. Wrap the beverage with a wet paper towel and place it in the freezer. It will be ice-cold in no time and friends will be happy.  
  13. To keep the harmful cleaners from the reach of the children, place them in a hanging show rack.


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