Nobody Is Perfect!


    Perfection, excellence, superiority, flawlessness – while these terms point to the absolute absence of errors and complete presence of success, perfection is not an achievable end point in the course of our journey. While concentrated efforts and determined attitude can lead us towards our goals, appreciating imperfections and challenges along the way can take us closer to the realities of life. Though perfection in our conduct, work, lifestyle and transactions can coat our paths with a distinct shine, it is necessary to realize that imperfectness is also a part of the game. Dealing with imperfections of people, situations, circumstances and realities can train us towards the bigger picture of life.

      Though, thought of a perfect life with presence of perfect people sounds interesting in every way, real happiness lies in enjoying both the highlights and lowlights in a wonderful manner. While challenges, uncertainties, attitude and behavior vary quite often, appreciating the good, while ignoring the bad can yield a desirable outcome. As humans, while we all make mistakes, possess shortcomings and experience influence of strengths and weaknesses, showing patience and acceptance towards one’s imperfectness can take us towards happiness of life.

      Learning positive aspects from the colorful traits of an individual is the correct way towards beneficial conduct. Expecting perfection from every person, while comparing, analyzing, judging or demotivating them can push one towards failures and self-doubt. While each one of us may possess certain specific skills and struggle with a few others, understanding the reality of imperfectness can motivate us towards development. By accepting our shortcomings and recognizing its impact, we can strive towards improvement and betterment.

      Perfection is not a destination that can grant us an easy access after moving towards it. It is an ongoing journey that shall never end. While we develop our skills, talents, habits and conduct, we can walk one step closer to perfection. Presence of imperfections fuels our preparation towards excellence. Giving us a purpose, challenge, goal and aim, imperfections can ensure consistent efforts and dedicated approach.

    Imperfectness is necessary to decorate our path with goals and limits. Appreciating the presence of imperfect shades in our personality can drive us towards growth. Regretting or repenting over lack of skills or failure in efforts can never yield any positive outcome. Recognition of our lowlights can give a specific direction to our course of hard work. By understanding the influence of imperfectness within the network of our family and friends, we can play an instrumental role in transforming their lowlights and replacing them with highlights.

   What are the beneficial take-away points from this course with imperfectness?

  • Every individual has certain imperfect shades that be transformed towards improvement by hard word, determination and dedication.


  • Imperfection can inspire us towards growth. By offering us a road map towards our goal, imperfections ensure continuous progress.


  • Perfection is not a final destination that can be reached through a particular route, it demands constant input of efforts, plans, ideas and resources.


  • It is necessary to deal with imperfectness in a patient manner. Comparing, analyzing or judging someone based on their imperfect nature can never give way to any desirable output.


  • While understanding the presence of imperfectness can offer us guidelines for the course ahead, striving for improvement is necessary in every way.


  • Complaining or repenting about imperfections can hamper with our growth. Engaging ourselves in constructive improvements can bring a desirable change.


  • Enjoying the imperfectness in our loved ones offers its own unique charm. By motivating them towards a beneficial change, we can form a strong bond and experience the wonders of a close-knit relationship.

  So, whether you choose to change your imperfections or celebrate your perfections; whether you appreciate the perfections of your loved ones or prompt them towards improvement for their imperfections, enjoy the joyride of life with a happy smile, after all nobody is perfect!


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