Cleanliness and Greenery


Clean space and green area- perfect combination for a happy heart, stress-free mind and an energetic aura. Decluttering our home, office, lawn, garden, garage, backyard offer us great benefits of happiness, joy, peace and energy. While daily routine of life engages us with lot of affairs, we tend to ignore the necessity of a clean zone. Besides the need of cleanliness, presence of greenery all around us contributes to the feeling of well-being.

     Along with provision of fuel for our body; plants, trees, flowers, fruits, grass and innumerable gifts from nature provide us fuel for our mind too! This makes it essential to look at the benefits of clean property. Studies have shown that maintaining clean and green lawns, grounds and open spaces help to reduce stress and improve productivity. It would be interesting to look at this aspect as it shall benefit our mother nature besides providing us with a happy mind.

     Clear patches of grass on lawn provide openness and freshness to the mind. Sowing seeds of happy thoughts, lawn and ground motivate us to look beyond our imperfections. It improves our concentration as its green spread inspires us to magnify our efforts, while focusing on the output. Well maintained lawns and open spaces filled with flora hold great influence on us as we look towards positivity. It motivates us to forget negativity for a short while, thereby pulling us towards concentrated efforts and pushing us away from thoughts of failure.

     With such powerful impact on mental well-being, they lead us towards increased productivity and higher success rates. As our mind looks forward to more attempts and less failures, we are able to move towards development. Cleanliness and greenery go hand in hand for an overall improvement of the ambiance. Inspiring fresh thoughts and attracting positivity, it leads to flow of energy.

   Greenery and presence of nature all around can open our minds to wonderful thoughts. Instilling hope in our hearts, we can look forward to interesting adventures. A perfect combination of cleanliness with greenery go a long way in creating a happy space. Be it home or office, neighborhood or community, cleanliness is extremely essential for its beneficial results. As a factor that increases negativity and disturbs the aura, it is necessary to clear our spaces from unwanted clutter and non-required waste.  Though we may not be able to observe its direct consequences or appreciate its immediate impact, garbage-free zones play a very important role towards betterment and satisfaction.

      By radiating flow of positive energy, cleanliness ensures clarity in every activity. Leading the path towards happiness and joy, cleanliness brings us closer to a free mind. Promoting healthy conditions for both physical and emotional aspects, cleanliness certainly helps in many beneficial ways. While keeping clean showers us with numerous benefits, presence of greenery enhances its effects. As closely related factors for a happy neighborhood, green ambiance and clean surrounding appeal to each one alike. Constituting a significant part of good conduct, incorporation of these habits can transform our society into a better place.

   By teaching the benefits of cleanliness and focusing on the value of greenery, we can encourage young children to follow the same. Drawing progressive thoughts and active environment, both of these factors need to be accepted within our system. Be it any age group or any lifestyle, cleanliness and greenery can reach to each and every person for a happy life and happy mind.

       Taking us away from the stress of daily routine, a stroll in an open space or walk over a green lawn can do wonders for our body and mind. By motivating cheerful thoughts and introducing positive feelings, we can experience an improvement in our productivity and reduction in the levels of stress.

Create clean and green spaces around you – after all these friends bring loads of happiness with them!


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