Being Judgmental


  With a mind that chooses to run a train of thoughts continuously and heart that fills us with emotions and feelings, we often tend to get judgmental about things around us. From our closed ones to any unrelated individual far and wide, from our own experiences to those of others, from relevant and significant matters to totally unimportant incidences, we seem to have an opinion, thought, belief, stand about anything and everything under the sun. While judgements can offer guidance and direct us towards the correct path, the act of being judgmental may take the form of an unavoidable habit.

    Criticizing every single factor, without correct knowledge or relevant experience does more harm than good. Judging and commenting on someone else’s journey without walking a single mile in their shoes can never yield a beneficial achievement. Though constructive criticism is an essential step towards improvement, involving oneself in the unnecessary habit makes it difficult to move away. Falling for the uncontrollable urge to be judgmental, it soon assumes the role of compulsion.

   While we enter into the world of judgmental behavior, we find happiness in our version of definitions and beliefs. By closing our mind to reality and facts around us, judgements form the basis of our thoughts. Difficult to break away from stereotypic conduct, our judgmental nature adds further fuel for its development. Acknowledging the fact that every route is independent, every destination is different, every life story is novel and every plot is diverse, we realize the truth in our mistakes. By comparing two diverse aspects with our limited knowledge, we find ourselves in an incorrect set up.

    Posing as a bad example, judgmental opinions give an identity to our personality. As no two situations are alike, generalizing them under the influence of our opinions is certainly incorrect by all means. Since each one of us have to fulfil our own dreams, while working towards building a bright future, the means and methods may vary. It is certainly incorrect to expect a matching pattern while comparing our lives with those of others. Amidst unique challenges, tensions, worries and uncertainties, each one has to complete an independent course of struggle.

   Though judgmental nature cannot be beneficial, it can offer critical viewpoints over our conduct. At times, when we encounter limitations, and are unable to find a solution; opinions and judgements from others prove helpful. They give a much needed push from the stand of a third person, delivering useful advice for the course ahead. So while, being judgmental may help, the fault lies in forming preset opinions and unwanted suggestions.

What do you believe about ‘being judgmental’? Does it provide constructive criticism or forms a wanted habit for life?

Let us look at the not so good shades of judgmental nature, as we ponder about its harm in our lives.


  1. Invitation to negative energy – Constant judgmental nature gives an open invitation to negative energy, while limiting our own abilities. Involved in criticism and judgements, as we spend our time into unnecessary thoughts, we lose our strength in the process.
  2. Destructive alternate path – Judgements, opinions, comments and views for others engage us in an unwanted activity, providing an alternate escape path from our own course of life. Taking us towards failure and defeat, this road keeps us away from our destination. When we find ourselves occupied in someone else’s journey through an uninvited route, we lose our own tickets in the bargain.
  3. Blinded by gray factors – Judgmental nature begins to highlight gray shades in every single thing around. Unable to appreciate or acknowledge goodness, our mind takes us towards their faults alone. By drawing attention towards the personalized interpretation of every factor, we turn blind to reality and facts.
  4. Closing doors to the truth – By forming our own set of opinions, we tend to ignore the reality. Giving more significance to our judgements and conclusions, we undoubtedly fail to look at the real picture.
  5. Unbreakable habit – Though we may find it totally acceptable to form opinions for our people, it soon adopts the form of an unbreakable habit. Passing comments about any situation, we fall in this game of judgements very easily. Be it a global political crises or local community trouble, be it related to our life or absolutely irrelevant, we find happiness in our own version of judgements.


             So while we realize the downside of being judgmental, we must aim to reach towards its beneficial influence. Opinions for improvement and suggestions for betterment will go a long way as progress for all.


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