Awesome Remodeling Ideas for your Bathroom


Growing cities have led to smaller residential spaces and this phenomenon is visible in bathrooms which have become cramped and small. But small bathrooms can also look cheerful and spacious with a few fixes that you can do yourself or with some professional help.

Do it with mirrors

Mirrors placed in strategic areas of a room can make it look large and spacious. To give a low budget makeover to your bathroom paint the walls in alternative strips of gray and white or any other color that you like. Decorate the counter area with round small and large convex mirrors in such a way that these appear to be floating across the wall like clouds.

Wall accents

Wall paper, stickers and unusual looking toys add a sense of fun to dull bathrooms. Stickers and posters with quirky slogans or landscapes can brighten up a bathroom without spending a lot of money.

Wall fixtures and sliding doors

Compact wall fixtures like taps, soap cases, cloth hangers open up space in the bathroom while pocket doors can replace swinging doors to clear floor space.

Shower cabinet

Small bathroom with limited space tends to become messy if it does not have a shower cabinet due to soap and shampoo flecks that tend to stick on other sanitary ware nearby. Walk in shower cabinets with frameless sliding doors do not take up much space and will keep the rest of the bathroom free of soap and shampoo.

Glass mosaic tiles

If you have a sizeable budget that can accommodate complete makeover of your bathroom then opt for glass mosaic tiles which can give the area a dramatic effect. There are plenty of options available in the market and you can choose to change tiles only one the walls or in the shower area depending on the budget.


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