A Drug-Dealing U.S. Government


How can the criminal justice system give such harsh sentences to suspects for selling illegal substances when the government is bringing them in? What’s worse is that when a criminal (especially when he’s a minority) is convicted of dealing drugs, he’s sentenced to years and years behind bars, but the officials who work for the agencies that import drugs (like cocaine) onto U.S. soil get a light slap on the wrist.

   One historically popular article in the New York Times (written by Tim Weiner) shows why the entire war on drugs is often labeled as a plot to put these substances into the poorest neighborhoods, then position hundreds of thousands of law enforcement officials in these low-income communities nationwide to imprison the minorities that live there. The article reads that no criminal charges were brought up when a Venezuela CIA program that was supposed to be “anti-drug” shipped 2,000 lbs. of 100% pure cocaine onto U.S. soil. Involved officials were thought to have been involved in what was viewed as a “serious accident” rather than a conspiracy.

   Yeah, right! It’s a shame that our country has a government that is full of so many hypocrites when it comes to drug laws. They say that they want to keep these drugs out of our communities, but things like this that have happened in our nation’s history prove that they simply overlook these kinds of “mistakes” and further encourage these “mishaps” by barely punishing those who were in charge of those operations. I guess it is okay to lock up a man for years who is doing his best to be a productive citizen, someone who may be a low-income individual, raising his family, and has gotten in trouble for the very first time. But, if it is a person who is a major part of the government or is someone closely related to it, they can get off easily. The case I chose to point out above happened in 1990, but drugs are still widely thought to be brought into the states by the government. The New American, well-read Mexican newspaper, did an in-depth investigation in 2014 where the U.S. government was found to be in connection with the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel. The article by writer Alex Newman can be found easily at the newspapers’ official website.



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