Tips For Dealing With Morning Sickness


Though every woman wishes to have a child, some of them may curse themselves for having made the decision, when they experience morning sickness during pregnancy. But there are ways to deal with this issue. Here are a few tips.


If you do not feel like working, do not work


If you have morning sickness and do not feel like getting up from bed and going to work, the best advice is not to go to work. It is better you apply for a day’s leave and take complete rest. You can even contemplate having a “vacation” especially during the weeks when your morning sickness begins to peak.


Sniffing a good and fresh scent


Experts suggest that if you sniff the pleasant smell of a good and fresh scent, your nausea will come down. It is the estrogen hormone that is responsible for the radar nose of pregnant women. So, if you can not escape ugly smells, sniffing a good scent may help.


Consume proteins


During pregnancy, you require more protein than usual. Less-than-required consumption of protein may also cause nausea. Nut butter, almonds, peanuts, etc. can be great protein snacks. You can also try eggs, dairy products, beans, pumpkin seeds, quinoa. Likewise, ensure to get good amounts of vitamins, iron, Folic acid, etc. from natural sources and supplements.


Switch to eating smaller meals


Instead of eating large meals, you can switch to the habit of eating smaller meals every two hours. This will not only balance your sugar level but can help you overcome morning sickness.


Drink sufficient water


You must remain well-hydrated because dehydration can cause morning sickness. Coconut water, ginger tea, lemon and honey, etc. may also help.


Experts also suggest that you can feel better if you do exercises outdoors because the fresh air you breathe may help you overcome your problem.


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