Smart Ways to Clean a Kitchen


Cleaning the kitchen is an everyday task. Don’t let the dirt to pile up, clean immediately after each use. Below are some of the cleverer ways to clean the kitchen.

Divide the kitchen into sections and clean one section at a time. Allocate permanent places to the kitchen tools and utensils. After cleaning and drying the utensils, place them in the respective cupboards and drawers. Place the electronic goods in a corner which requires dry cleaning.

The cleaning can start with the dishes. This is the most common and most irritating part of the cleaning. Look around the kitchen and collect all the dishes. This avoids going back and forth from the sink to the counter. Rinse the utensils with the hot water before you place them in the dishwasher.  Clean the sink and use a disinfectant to stop the bacteria growth. When you start to cook fill the sink with hot water and little liquid detergent. The dishes can be soaked in this hot water to reduce the cleaning time.

During cooking there might be food spills. So clean the stove and surroundings. Clean the inside of the microwave. Do not allow any spilled food to completely dry up in the microwave. This becomes very hard to clean at a later stage.

Next clean the counter. Identify the material the counter is made of. This is because some cleaners cause damage to the surfaces which are not supported. Call the manufacturer and be sure to know the type of the counter. Spray the cleaner and wait for 5 to 10 minutes. Then clean with a soft scrub which do not scratch the surface. Always place hot dishes on iron racks which reduces the patch formation on the counter surface due to the excess heat. Always keep the cleaning liquid and sponge handy. This helps in cleaning the spills immediately.


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