Say Hello to Green Cleaning


The colourful bottles lined up in the supermarkets claim to remove the most stubborn of stains quickly. Unfortunately majority of these cleaners consist of many harsh chemicals. If one of the component is chlorine then do not buy the cleaner. Chlorine has a bi product which a well-known carcinogen. The chemicals cause skin allergies and chronic irritations which can be totally avoided when natural cleaners are used. Switch to eco-friendly cleaning, also known as Green Cleaning. Green cleaning minimizes exposure to aggressive cleaning chemicals, improves the indoor air quality and reduces allergies. The cost for waste disposal is also reduced.

The benefits of green cleaning are plenty. The ozone layer depletion is reduced when naturally available products are used for cleaning. The harsh chemicals post the cleaning stage is released into the water sources which deplete the oxygen content. Natural cleaners do not cause this kind of water pollution. Overall global climate conditions is improved when naturally available cleaners is used. Natural oils used in these cleaners render a pleasant smelling atmosphere. Most of the natural cleaners can be made at home. This is a cost-effective solution.

Lemon, borax, white vinegar and baking soda are some of the natural cleaners which are sufficient to remove the most stubborn of stains. Baking soda is a good scrub for the sink, tiles and bathroom. It can be sprinkled and allowed to settle for a considerate amount of time. This makes the cleaning easier and removes the bad odour as well. Vinegar is also known to a natural cleaner for decades. Vinegar when mixed with the natural liquid soap form a good dishwashing liquid. Laundries with lavender oil is good for the health and environment. Companies also are offering natural cleaners in recyclable containers.

So opt for all natural, easily available and environment friendly natural cleaners, and live happily.


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