Parenting Tips To Help With Your Newborn


If you are the mother of a new-born baby, you may not be knowing much about baby care. You can make use of the following tips.


Keep your hands clean always


You should wash your hands with a sanitizer frequently and before you touch your baby. New-born babies can easily catch infection.


Be careful while holding the baby


You should be very careful while holding the baby. Ensure that you support the baby’s head as well as neck.


Do not shake your new-born


A few mothers shake their babies out of frustration. This is wrong. Even while trying to wake up the child, you must tickle slightly in the feet or blow on the baby’s cheeks gently.


Do not play with the baby roughly


Remember it is a new-born baby. So, playing roughly with the baby can be potentially dangerous.


Begin bonding very early


You should start bonding with the baby as soon as she is born. You can cradle her gently, whisper into her ears soothing words, etc. Singing is also good if you have a good voice.


If your new-born is sensitive:


Some babies are extra sensitive to sounds, light, etc. You should understand this and adjust the sounds, light, etc. accordingly.




The new-born may still remember the cozy and warm ambiance of the womb. Hence, swaddling with a blanket may keep the baby warm and can soothe him or her.


Use high-quality diapers


While buying diapers for your new-born, check if they are of made of high-quality and soft material.


Be careful while bathing the baby


While bathing the baby, you must handle him or her gently. If you are not confident of handling this task, take the help of experienced women like your mother or mother-in-law. You must use a soft and clean washcloth, mild soap or shampoo that is unscented, soft brushes, clean towels and blankets and clean clothes for your new-born.


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