How to Give your Bedroom Closet a Much Needed Makeover


If you are looking at doing a makeover for your bedroom closet, the first thing you look at is the area and plan how best to utilize the space you have. The first thing you plan for is the hangers. Ensure that you use proper hangers to see that the clothes hung are not jostled around like in the case of flimsy hangers. A pull down bar will be an ideal investment is this case. The movable rod will ensure that you have easier access when choosing clothes.


While we remain on the concept of hanging, invest in durable hooks. They will come especially useful when you have bags. Hang the bags on these hooks as the hooks will make sure that big bags will not lose its shape as it would if it was just stored in shelves. It is best to categorize your clothes so as to make choosing outfits easier. And if you have a lot of clothes, it is best folded.


The obvious issues with a bedroom closet are clutter and storage. To solve the issue of storage, think creatively. An armoire will go a long way in customizing your closet. Use baskets to remove some of the obvious clutter by stuffing the odds and ends in them. A customizable unit of wire drawers will go a long way in solving the crisis of a shortage crisis. Another way to solve the storage issue is to use slim plastic shoe boxes. They can be stacked compactly and could be used to store any item. These will come in great use especially when you have any out-of-season clothing. They can be stacked away in these boxes and will not clutter up the space in which you can store your current daily wear.


Another way to solve the storage crisis is to use the doors of your closet. An over-the-door rack can create a storage space out of the unused space that is behind the closet door. However the best way to resolve the storage issue if you have a tendency to shop often to add more clothes to an already burgeoning collection, clear them. Give the unused clothes to charity.      


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