Easy Office Organizing Tips To Make Your Life Better


Is your work getting a bit messy and a whole lot stressful? The easiest solution to bring a turnaround is to reorganize your workspace. A cleaner and organized workspace will not only improve your mood but also go a long way in the efficiency and effectiveness of your output. Here are five important tips you could follow to take your step towards making your work life better.


  1. Destruct (Declutter). Start anew: The idea is to take a good look at your space. Divide them into areas. Remove all those items that you don’t need. It is important to remove all the unnecessary items and once you do this, you will be surprised by the amount of unnecessary stuff cluttering your desk or workspace. This would also include plants, knick-knacks and furniture. Also clear any outstanding work before you proceed to the next step.
  2. Divide and Conquer: Remember how you were asked to divide your workspace into areas in the last step. Now remember those areas. They are essential in your reorganization. Keep the items that you use the most nearest to you. So keep the items proximity to you based on the frequency of the usage of the said items.
  3. Folders are winners: Get folders and label them and start filing your work as per those labels. Say if you have a folder for meetings. This folder will contain your ideas and suggestions and the like for any meetings. If you have paperwork which involves cooperation from other people in your office, make a folder for such documents and keep going over it every few days to ensure that it does not accumulate and overburden your workspace again.
  4. Boxes and other heavy machinery: Boxes can also help you in organizing. Make boxes for the magazines and articles you wish to read. Box away the documents that you have already finished. They should not clog up the space for your fresh work. And if you have a scanner or a printer, see if you can shift it from your workspace and still access it for use. If not, then place it as far away from you. These machines tend to take up a lot of space and thus constrict your work and other resources.
  5. Sort your mail: This is perhaps one of the most under-rated and under-appreciated steps in reorganization. They can mess up a workspace and can keep on accumulating. When you get mail, read it and do the necessary. Do not procrastinate with this stuff. Read it, sort it and move on.


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