Turn Your House Into A Winter Wonderland


Christmas is round the corner and no doubt you would be thinking on how best to celebrate. One key detail is the ambiance. Transforming your house into a winter wonderland will do the trick. But for all the doubts about how to do so, don’t worry it is easy.


The first thing you do is decorate the Christmas tree. Nothing screams winter out loud better than a well bedecked Christmas tree.  The idea is stick to a theme, most preferably white keeping in touch with the idea of color of snow. Spray some fake snow, hang clear lights, hang some plastic icicles, and also wrap it up in white, silver or even pale blue garlands.


The next thing you could do is decorate your walls. Cover them with a winter-themed wallpaper or even hang pictures related to winter. This will create the winter theme all around your house. You could also enhance it even more by giving your dining table a temporary makeover. Cover the table with a white cloth and use small decorations like doves, silver bells and pine cones. However, the best decoration item you could use is the bottlebrush trees. These miniature Christmas tree lookalikes can be used everywhere in your house. Use it at the entrance of your house, decorate your kitchen, place it in glass jars, contrast it with white plates and you could ramp up the winter and Christmas ambiance in your house.


The next thing are the bright colored gift boxes. the beauty of this arrangement is that you don’t need to buy more stuff to make up for the gift boxes. Get empty ones and wrap them up in excellent gift wrappers and you are good to go. Just take care to remember which ones are these and do not mix them up with the packages that actually contain gifts.


However it is not just enough to make your house completely white and make it a winter version of the movie Shining. Contrast it with some greenery. Green garlands, Green drapes along the windows and even on the table edges will give the right finish to your house.


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