Is Your Child Missing Out On Physical Activity? Look Out For The Following Signs And Symptoms


Novak Djokovic, Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant. Do these names ring a bell? They are sports stars but have you wondered what it took for them to reach where they currently are. Years of dedicated practice towards their respective sports. ‘Practice makes a man perfect’ but with more and more gadgets, television, lack of playing space and peer pressure, children are spending less time moving their muscles. Let’s quickly glance through the few signs that your child lacks physical movement in his life:

Contribution from schools – Check for your child’s timetable. If you majorly find only academics and no time for physical education then there is a concern. Daily exercise is a must to keep your child’s mind and body active.

Fancy gadgets – Technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. Computers, tablets, video games, smart phones are a necessity today. You can easily find a year old baby playing around with these gadgets. Spending hours using these gadgets or sitting in front of television is another cue for you that some kinds of movements are definitely missing in your child’s schedule. Encourage them to go out and play with children in neighborhood or chat with a friend in his house.

Lack of motivation – Teens and children require motivation to play around just like adults do. If the adults in family do not show interest in exercise then it is most likely that kids in the family will also not value the importance of it. Ensure that you encourage and partner with your children to play and workout.

Equipment and time availability – Teenagers can lack physical education if there is no equipment available to exercise. Sometimes, time availability (due to schedules in school) may also result with no time left to play.

Remember to emphasize the importance of exercise to your children and partner with them next time for a workout in gym if you ever notice these symptoms with you child.


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