Is Your Child Depressed? Check For These Signs


It is hard for parents to believe that their child has depression. Since most of them are unaware of the scientific truth or the modern medical results of child psychology, parents neglect the depression their child is suffering from. Yes, it is true that a kid can also suffer from depression. Depression in a child is quite different from the ‘blue’ the child feels while his development. When sadness or disruptive behavior becomes persistent in your child then there is a high chance of him being depressed. However, there is nothing to worry, because depression is a treatable condition.

Some facts about depression in children

  • Depression affects at least 2% of school age and preschool children.
  • Depression can interfere with a child’s ability to function normally as it is the condition beyond normal sadness.
  • The usual symptoms of depression are irritable mood for more than a week and at least five problems like guilt, loss of appetite, energy, lack of sleep, feelings of worthlessness, self-loathing, lack of interest to do work, and thoughts of harming self.
  • Suicide is the third leading cause of death in children and teens between the ages of 10-24.
  • About 60% children going to a medical professional regularly and taking anti-depressants become completely cured.

What causes depression in children?

Like adults, depression in children can be caused because of several factors. Genetic vulnerability, family history, biochemical disturbances are all causes for depression. Unlike mood swings, depressions do not pass, they need to be properly treated. Any child suffering from depression because of family history has a greater risk of developing this condition. Again, if any of the parents of a child is suffering from depression, the child tends to develop the first stage of depression earlier than other children do.

Since, the condition of depression is no longer a fact you were heedless of, keep a check on your child’s behavior, and keep him happy.


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