How Can Waking Up And Sleeping Early Be Beneficial To Your Health?


Early to bed, early to risk make you healthy, wealthy, wise. Don’t know about wealthy or wise, but it sure is healthy. Don’t believe it? Well, research backs it up now. A morning person has to following traits:

  1. They never skip a workout: the morning dose of adrenaline comes from the work out and the whole day rolls out smoothly. According to the data published in the journal Sleep, 2014, sharp qualities were associated with those who slept early. Waking up late was shown as a sign of sedentary.
  2. The happy person: nothing can keep the early riser’s sprit down. They are cheerful and full of life. Their positive approach makes them favorable to work with. According to a study published in Emotion, 2012, early risers are healthier and are good at meeting deadlines. They are also better organized.
  3. Proactive: they have the entire day to get their work done. They are the go-getters. They work towards achieving their goals. The study presented in Journal of Applied Social Psychology identified an early start to improved confidence and fruitful actions.
  4. Healthy eaters: sleep deprivation makes you crave for sugar. The brain needs higher doses to wake up and stay alert. Those who sleep late are known to consume 248 calories more than the ones who sleep early. They binge on junk food and ignore vegetables and fruits. The nocturnal beings also showed a higher BMI.
  5. Reduced body aches: sleep time is when the body recuperates. Less sleep lower pain threshold.
  6. Lesser risk on injury: sleep well to stay alert. Lack of sleep is linked to many accidents. According to statistics, one in five automobile accidents was caused by a driver who dozed off. Life is too precious to be lost over something as meaningless as lack of sleep.


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