Cleaning Tips From The Pros


Professional cleaning tips ensure that the rooms are impeccable for the guests. These are some of the tips which make your rooms flawless.

  1. Maintain a cleaning schedule. Every corner of the room has to be clutter free. Be cautious of the expensive furniture and appliances while cleaning.
  2. Carefully choose the cleaners. Most of the cleaners have harsh chemicals which damage the surface and produce scratches.
  3. Meticulously made bed- Put the sheet on the bed, fold the sheet in between the mattress and the boxspring. The ends of the sheets can be folded upwards and then tucked in. This gives a perfect fold.
  4. Placing the duvet in the duvet cover- Take both the corners of the duvet and insert them in the duvet cover. Shake until the covers come down. Keep the duvet on the bed.
  5. Pillows- The tip to get a nice pillow is to fold it into two, insert it into the pillow cover and tuck the opened end to close it.
  6. Cleaning the mirrors- it is very difficult to have a perfectly clean mirror without marks. It is best to avoid glass- cleaning products that tend to leave a greasy film behind. The best way is to take a micro- fiber cloth damp with hot water to wipe the mirror down. You can then wipe the mirror dry with a fresh dry cloth.
  7. Getting rid of calcium deposit- the best solution is to use white vinegar on a tissue, and place it on the needed areas for 10 minutes. Avoid exposing vinegar on marble surfaces as it will cause damage. Brush the area lightly if deposit still persists.

These tips and a well-structured cleaning plan ensure the rooms are cleaned in a professional manner and result in an elegant look.


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