Best Ways To De-Stress After A Week’s Hectic Schedule


Come weekend and work piled or neglected from the week suddenly steps into the limelight. You don’t want to slog through the week only repeat the same grudgingly over the weekend. That is not how you planned your ideal weekend. Relax, nothing is under control. Instead unwind over the weekends. If work has to get done, spilt it into three categories:

  1. Can wait
  2. Today or never
  3. Should get done soon

Tough luck if the ‘today or never’ list is endless. Little help there, you’ve got to do what you got to do! You could squeeze in some me time in between all the confusion. A few ways to destress are:

  1. Sweat it out: exercise is great. It boosts the production of the feel good hormone, endorphine. Pushing yourself hard on the treadmill will vent out the whole week’s frustration. You do not need a gym enrollment, taking a fast stroll around your neighborhood will also do or you could just play catch with your children. Go dancing, you will have a good time while you bust some mean moves.
  1. Do nothing: sometimes all you need is a lazy day. Give yourself a break. It is ok to leave tasks undone. You shouldn’t feel guilty about it. We aren’t machines you cannot expect yourself to work like one. Do a movie marathon with a good bottle of wine.
  1. Meditation: the power of meditation is underestimated. It channelizes your energy by dissipating stress levels.
  1. Spa day: there is no substitute for a day spent at the spa. Get a rejuvenating massage or if you are short on time, a manicure can do wonders. Physical stress is removed from the body.
  1. Write: note down everything or the important events that happened during week. It offers a good vantage point to revisit


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