Baby Soothing Techniques That Are Sure To Work!


If your baby cries inconsolably, you, as a mother, should learn soothing techniques to calm the child. The following tips may be useful.


Rock-a-bye baby


Swivel at your hips in a standing position with the baby in the arms. This rocking movement may soothe the child.


Baby swings


The rhythmic motion of the baby swing can soothe your crying baby. But ensure that the baby swing is of the right size.


Try vibrating sounds or motions


The vibrating sound produced by a washing machine, dryer, etc. can make the baby stop crying.


Try a stroller ride or a car ride


You can try a stroller ride or a car ride around your block. The baby may get fresh air and the ride may soothe her.


Seek the help of your husband


Ask your husband to hold the baby. The strong arms of a male can help in soothing the child.


Wrap the baby in a blanket


Try wrapping the baby in a blanket but the blanket should be lightweight. The baby may not have forgotten the cozy ambiance of the womb. So, the warmth of the blanket can soothe the child.


Try noises


The noise of a fan, vacuum cleaner, etc. can make the baby stop crying. Likewise, make the “shush” sound a few times and the baby may stop crying.


Gas may be the culprit


Your baby may be crying due to gas pain also. So, you can give her the gas drops recommended by the doctor. You can rub the back of the baby by placing her face down on your knees.


If your baby is colic:


Eliminate certain foods like onions, dairy products, caffeine, etc. Try the colic hold in which you should place the baby face down on the forearm and cradle her.


Try techniques like dimming the light, turning off the television, slightly changing the room temperature for soothing the baby.


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