Three Nutritious Meal Ideas for your 12-year-old


Diet is an important part of growing up healthy and living healthy. People require certain nutrients for better growth and living throughout their life. Infancy and early hood is when growth is at its maximum, eating well and healthy is necessary to develop and grow strong. Puberty is that stage of life which acts as a portal to maturity. The diet during this time is very important as there are a number of biological changes that happen in our body.

Here we shall look at three nutritional plans for the growing kids who are going through puberty.

1) Whole grains and chocolate

Whole grains are very good sources of vitamin B, these vitamins are very important for the skin naturally. Puberty is a time when both boys and girls get affected by acne, good source of vitamin B can help reduce the affect of acne. They help the skin in replacing old dead cells with new ones and also fights infections related to skin. Another importance of vitamin B is that it helps the cells in absorbing important nutrients. They also help in fighting dry skin by making the skin soft. A good source of vitamin B is whole grain bread and whole grain cereal.

2) Dark chocolates

Another food that can be added to the meal is dark chocolate; the darker the better. Studies have shown that dark chocolates are good for health and skin, which makes it a must have in a teen’s meal. The dark chocolate has little to no sugar and no dairy either and lot of antioxidants. It can be added in a meal plan as a dessert.

3) Aloe Vera and fruit juice

Aloe Vera is good for the colon in the body, hence adding Aloe Vera into the diet plans of the kid is a good idea. Aloe Vera on it’s on is bitter to consume, adding it to any fruit juice preferably orange juice is a good way to consume. Orange juice is very rich in vitamin C.


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